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  1. psylicious

    Kristiam & Alien Pilot - Matrix Circles

    Release Date: 2020-02-07 Label: Metabolizm Records Catalog: MR008 Matrix Circles is the latest release from producers Kristiam & Alien Pilot out now on Metabolizm Records. Life is complex to understand and to analyse in all its forms. Humans have tried to study it and replicated it for...
  2. psylicious

    RIGEL Launches on Bandcamp!

    Check out RIGELS' recently launched Bandcamp page and support this great artist! Launching with 4 previously released albums and EP on Ovnimoon Records, RIGEL also provides you with a recent various compilation of tracks and remixes full of psychedelic wonder fused with RIGELS' quirky magic...
  3. psylicious

    EarthAlien - Deep Dreams

    ‘Deep Dreams’ is the latest promotional DJ set from EarthAlien, downloadable in WAV for your listening pleasure. With chugging bass-lines and hypnotic tones throughout ‘Deep Dreams’ will take you down the rabbit hole of psychedelic pleasure and leave you wanting more! EarthAlien is the...
  4. psylicious

    DJ Sarana - Hinged Mystery

    Hinged Mystery is the latest promotional DJ set by Finnish DJ, DJ Sarana, available for download in WAV format. Influenced by the sounds of Mad Tribe, Spirit Architects, Transient Disorder and Mono Sapiens to name just a few have significance in DJ Sarana’s soundscape exploration, taking her...
  5. psylicious

    N.A.S.A. - Re-Releases

    Tracklisting: 01: All That Remains 02: Addicted to Sin 03: A Bit Closer to Heaven 04: Mindfly - Being Arrogant(N.A.S.A. Remix) 05: Legolam 06: Absolute Magnetism 07: Penetration Generation 08: Flodekaramel 09: Menage A Trois 10: Daylight 11: Snaredrop 12: Someone to Watch Over Me...
  6. psylicious

    Chameleon 'Reptilian Genetics'

    Artist: Chameleon Title: Reptilian Genetics Label: Liquid Records Format: Digital EP Release: 2012-02-07 Catalog: LRD007 Tracklisting: 01. Tachyon Generator 02. Palladium 03. Reptilian Genetics Info: UK Psy trance producer Chameleon never fails to deliver as he releases his...
  7. psylicious

    October Radio Schedule

    PSYLICIOUS RADIO OCTOBER 2008 SCHEDULE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT From Wednesday 1st October the Psylicious Radio show will be broadcast At the earlier time of 19:00BST / 7:00pm(UK time). Our repeated show on Fridays will remain at 23:00BST / 11:00pm(UK time). ________________________...
  8. psylicious

    Psylicious Radio Schedule for September 2008

    Wed 10th Sept: OOOD Live – Mr. Strangelove – Artemis on Psylicious Radio WEDNESDAY 10TH SEPT @ 21:00BST & FRIDAY 12TH SEPT @ 23:00BST PSYLICIOUS RADIO PRESENTS.......... OOOD – LIVE SET OOOD's first release was on Phantasm Records in 1996, with their collaborative side-project...
  9. psylicious

    Psylicious Radio Schedule for September 2008

    The Psylicious Radio show every: Wednesday @ 21:00BST & Friday @ 23:00BST(Repeated show). Wednesday 03rd Sept: Mistress Jade showcase Friday 05th Sept Repeated show Wednesday 10th Sept: OOOD Live set - Mr.Strangelove - Artemis Friday 12th Sept Repeated show Wednesday 17th Sept...