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    Chris Vench - Hatiras Radio Show Mix/February Mix 2011 - House

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted a mix so it's about time that I have a new one to share with you. This is a mix I did for Hatiras' Radio show, as recently aired on 100.7 FM in Toronto and a host of other places on the web. Check it out! 01. Paolo Barbato a.k.a. PB – Are...
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    Chris vench - august 2010 mix - house

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    Record Sale - House, Techno, Tech-House, Deep House and much more!!

    Due to a recent move I now have some records for sale. I simply do not have the room to store as many records as I have so it's time to put them up for sale. There are two sets of records for sale - mine and Flipside's. Together we have some brilliant tunes from the past that moved many dance...
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    NEED A SONG... willing to do a swap... Moloko - Sing it Back (Mousse T Mix)

    Okay... so I have this record but it is in a box buried somewhere in my basement. In order to save my sanity and an enormous amount of time, does anybody have the Mousse T (where he uses the Donna Summer bassline) mix of Moloko's 'Sing it Back'? I am willing to swap a song with you if you...
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    A Sixth Sense? Minority Report-ish invention

    Timeline if you must bitches: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/pattie_maes_demos_the_sixth_sense.html
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    Chris Vench || Randomization || funky & bumpy house

    I felt like recording a new mix and since I cannot put some of the unreleased stuff I have online, I figured I'd just hit record and see where the vibe took me. This mix is called 'Randomization'. The Empty Heads - Crazy (Inland Knights Remix) [Shake and Pop] Mr. Tunes - Junk in Your Trunk...
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    Chris Vench | February | bumpy, funky goodness

    Here is a recent mix I made: The Bump, The Funk 1. Tommy Largo - Down with the Sound - Guesthouse 2. Underground Solution - Love Dancing (Chris Vench Edit) - CDR 3. AndyInland Knights & Da Sunlounge - Track A - Borrowed 4. SoundDiggers - Crazzy - CDR 5. James Bledsoe - Head Games (Tommy...
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    Hitchhikers: your thoughts?

    Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? If you did, was it a weird experience? If you have never done so, why not? And, would you ever consider it? Have you ever hitchhiked? If so, why? Were you out of money, bored, running away or looking for thrills? I saw someone hitchhiking on...
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    Originally Posted by hmoney anyone else lovin' sound cloud? www.soundcloud.com I only discovered this site a month or so ago and I'm loving it. I can't say that I'm a fan of all the bugs I've encountered with trying to access private tracks or even the site at certain times, but it is is a...
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    Free Track

    I was bored one late night while out of town recently and came up with this joint. I felt like sharing with whoever may want it: Chris Vench--Dosey Doe
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    Windows Live Hotmail Question

    I'm having some trouble figuring something out in WLH and wondering if any of you can help. in the old version, I had it set up so that I was able to see the IP address and other information from the sender of an email. in this new version, that feature is not there, at least, I don't know...
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    need some message boards

    hello all... I'm constantly on the search for new message boards and was wondering if y'all had some that you could share. much thanks!
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    Cop eats pot brownies, freaks out and calls 911

    http://www.fliggo.com/video/iTiG77hT haha... a funny news report on a cop who, as the title says, ate brownies and was tripping the f*ck out.
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    the mountain flying suit! pretty neat stuff

    http://www.biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=4262 it's no 2 girls one cup but still pretty neat.
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    MASSIVE STUDIO GEAR SALE... tonnes of items... a must see!!

    it's time to let go of some gear. Serious inquiries only please - do NOT contact me if you're only going to waste my time. Too many people have contacted in the past about wanting to purchase items and then end up stiffing. We took very good care of these items and as such they are all in...
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    the fires in California

    so... what do you think about the fires ravaging parts of California?
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    Common - Finding Forever

    has anyone else had a listen to this album yet? oh my goodness. it's so dope. don't have any of the track names but it's such a pleasure to listen to something that doesn't involve talking about ho's, cars, rims and money. if he does mention women, he does it in a good way. grab this...
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    car listings online... what others are out there?

    I'm looking to replace my current automobile asap and am wondering if there are any sites (other than autotrader.ca and repodepo.ca) that contain decent listings. any help is appreciated.
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    Massive record sale – Flipside is clearing house... (so am I)

    Flipside and I are looking to get rid of a sizeable amount from both of our house music record collections. There are many great titles, labels and artists available and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy what we're selling. There is one catch… Ideally we’re looking to get rid of both our...