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    FS: 2 American Idol tickets (July 26)

    2 floor tickets for sale (row 20). July 26, 7pm Air Canada Centre Seat location: section LFLR, row 20, seats 7-6 I'd like to sell them for what I originally paid: $166.75. OBO. kensliquidation@gmail.com or pm me.
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    32" TOSHIBA CRT TV w/ stand

    32" TOSHIBA CRT TV w/ stand $80 Also included in the price: wooden TV stand (it's strong enough to hold this TV): and RCA switch + wires The picture quality is still quite decent despite heavy use. *****IMPORTANT: The TV's coaxial cable input doesn't work. The TV's RCA...
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    Ask Tribe: I need to find Pisco!

    Pisco: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pisco Hi Tribe! I have a coworker from Peru and he's desperate to find some Pisco here in Toronto. I couldn't find it in the LCBO website! Does anybody have any idea how I can get this wonderful drink? Regards, Liquidity
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    Rap to Prose

    Got a good chuckle out of this: http://www.prometheusinstitute.net/entertainment/rapverse.htm
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    TV SHOW: Big Love (HBO)

    Anybody catch this yet? Stars Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin. TV Drama. 1 hr per ep. Basic Theme: Dude has three wives. Dude looks pretty exhausted. I watched episode 1 (downloaded) and it looks like a pretty promising series. It approaches...
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    Web Designer/Developer Type needed!

    I know it's a rare combination 'cause it's kind of a Left brain vs Right brain thing... Our last guy was very good at both and he left for greener (mo' money) pastures. We're looking to fill this hole at our small company. From management on down, its mostly all good people here. And...
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    He axed for it...

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    'grats to Sweden

    3-2 over Finland in the final. mats looked pretty happy.
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    American Idol: top 12 girls

    Insecure girl (Katherine) was pretty good, as were the two younger girls (Paris and Lisa) and blond girl with the sob story (Kellie). Mandisa rocked that Heart song as well. Not sure if anyone else stood out fer me...
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    Help! Need HttpWebRequest advice...

    I'm having trouble with the following code: ASCIIEncoding encoding=new ASCIIEncoding(); b = encoding.GetBytes("username=liquidity&password=password"); webreq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("www.myurl.com"); webreq.ContentLength=b.Length; webreq.Method = "POST"; webreq.ContentType=...
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    Russian Stout Beer Is Strong!

    I'm buzzin' on ONE bottle (it usually takes me 3-4). 9%. Tasted like Black Forest cake (raspberry, chocolate, coffee)...
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    I love the two line pass

    I love how it'll speed up the game... ...how it'll add more exciting breakaways... ...how it opens up the ice... shootout to resolve a tie? not so much...
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    Landlord liability?

    Please help, TRIBE!!! i've tried googling, but i all i ended up was the landlord tenanct act, which doesn't explicitly state this situation. Q: a friend of mine has been leasing out her condo to a tenant. recently some damage to furniture occured due to a faulty air conditioning unit...
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    We Are The Web

    Article on wired: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.08/tech.html?tw=wn_tophead_1 really cool article on how the internet emerged beyond anybody's expectations and financial projections because of people's innate desire to build for the sake of building. the other half of the article...
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    So this game DELETED my daemon...

    Ok, granted, it was a pirated copy and I agree I have no basis of complaint. Still, I wonder if this harbors ill for the future... will programs start attacking each other on my machine for superiority? Will it be like a software version of "king of the hill"? The game was "Knights of...
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    Best g33k books?

    recently bought: Adobe Phoshop CS in 10 simple steps or less More Eric Meyer on CSS (no tables, yay!) Masters of Doom : How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture ~i really enjoyed this book... really fun read that made me realise what Id was like at its inception...
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    g33k jobs

    any tips on how to find these? monster, jobshark, etc. ain't workin' for me. nor are tor.jobs or craigslist... and i've gone the agent route...
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    Google Portal!

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    fun maze game (sorry if repost)

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    What if we could sell adspace in our heads?

    No article to link to. I just had a thought... Maybe some day we'll have the technology to softwire our brains so that we get to choose what brands we feel and affinity for and what brands we will reject automatically. Exterior branding (logos, commercials, magazine ads, etc.) will have...