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  1. J

    I need black T-shirts...wholesale, cheap!!

    I need 100, 50 baby-T's for women (20s/15m/15L) and 50 T's for men (5s/5m/20L/20XL) all black, 100% cotton, high quality pm if you got some goods.... Thanks all J
  2. J

    Jeff Mills Mixes for Download...?

    Alright alright...how many times has this question been asked you say...how many times have mixes been posted here you whine....yes yes I know, but please bare with me, humour me, and post them again PLEASE. I'll give you a big fat kiss next time I see you..... J :o
  3. J

    DIE MACHINE CIUT 89.5 10-11pm TONIGHT!!!

    ARTHUR OSKAN LIVE PA ON DIE MACHINE TONIGHT!!! 89.5 FM 10-11PM also check for listings from Amanda, a little mixin from Eric Lork and interviews with Marco Carolla, Mauro Picotto and Gaetano Parisio Later on check out Gerald and crew at NASA for a St. Patty's day event..... cheers yo!!!
  4. J

    Brilliant Week of Toronto Techno

    For all who attended all week.... wabi, Blue, mono, non-suck crew.......it was a an awesome week of Techno in Toronto. We not only showed how much we appreciate quality international Techno but we also served up our own mix of Toronto Techno music and culture. I'm very excited to be a part...
  5. J

    yo DEREK!!

    clean ya pm's dawg.... J
  6. J

    Apartment 26

    Has anyone heard of them? What are they like? Info please? Thanks :D
  7. J

    Mrs. PEAcock!

    Why Mrs. Peacock. Your pm mailbox is full. boo J
  8. J

    NASA - STASI - Douglas - GOW

    Where do I start? First off, I did not see/hear Stasi play but I hear I missed out. I'm sure someone else will review his set. Sorry about that. Doug pounded and tore the place up!! Holy CRAP it was loud when I got there. Really a banging set for the little old NASA space, but as usual he...
  9. J

    May I have a word with you?

    Please indulge me. I'm naive and weary. My thoughts are scattered. I need to be grounded or at least to be shown a different perspective. What is good? What is your definition of good? I'm not necessarily asking what your definition of good "Techno" is. I could be asking what constitutes a...
  10. J


    chchchcheckit..... 514vs416 deets pm me or tekno_princess for more info yo
  11. J


    hey dawgs... who's going to this? Greg Gow, Arthur Oskan (live!) and Mario J. I heard it's at Element and cover's $10 b4 1:00..looks like this one's going late (at least until 6 AM) JJJJJJJ
  12. J

    Techno Tears for Tracy

    In case some of you haven't seen the post up in the General Forum, Tracy (aka Mis Tek) was in an awful car accident on Thursday night. She's in intensive care and it looks like she'll pull through, but sadly her sister didn't make it. Tracy was at the after party at Element so it must have...
  13. J

    WMC events?

    I know it's a little after the fact but does anyone have any reviews and/or pictures of any of the World Music Conference events in sunny Miami?? Wish I could've gone to "Made in Detroit" and "Detroit vs. Chicago" Julia