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    Tennis 2013

    Not surprising that milos got crushed by nadal again.
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    Toronto police officer charged with murder in streetcar shooting

    LOL, spoken like someone that has no fucking clue on how much cops make per year. Do you have any fucking idea how much a cop gets paid in year 1??? It's fucking insane. Add all the insane overtime due to court, + their normal salary + after a year or so of doing "bitch" ticket work they get...
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    Toronto police officer charged with murder in streetcar shooting

    You should add Ecstasy of Gold playing in the background of the video posted above would be perfect!
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    Toronto police officer charged with murder in streetcar shooting

    yea, the negotiation was bullets.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2013-2014

    i'll miss grabo. dude is a fucking warrior. Been a long time in leaf land since we've seen someone literally get the shit kicked out of him game in and game out and yet still throw up some points. Shitty that he had a bad year..... on the otherhand, was quite overpaid by a bit. Sucked that it...
  6. K

    'Master key' to Android phones uncovered

    damn... dem hackers are going to get access to every craigslist m4m reply i ever made while on my phone. oh... what ever will i do?!?!! ;)
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    Best tool to wipe drives before throwing them away?

    a gigantic powerful magnet. that's your true solution... other than taking a power drill through the platters....... or a hammer like what glitch said. Although, i suggest a power drill. It's much less effort compared to swinging a hammer around. Believe me... dem IT peoples have no muscle or...
  8. K

    Facebook 'liking' etiquette on deaths, preganancy, breakups, etc.

    giving a + to someone that gets preggers is kinda odd and yet funny for me. I dunno.... i mean, it's pretty goddamn easy to do, isn't it? :P
  9. K

    the Alberta floods

    man... wtf. i learned to not build cities in flood plains in civilization 4. It just causes sickness and unhappiness. wtf calgary. wtf.
  10. K

    Falling Skies

    only reason we know so far is that they harvest planets for resources. That's why. .... yea, not terribly original or anything. But that's why the aliens invaded oshawa ontario first, and then all of a sudden they are in vancouver for season 2 and 3! Guess the aliens really wanted to get a...
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    The best 1$ video game on the 360 indi market....

    77 views and not one reply. You all a bunch of faggots.
  12. K

    The best 1$ video game on the 360 indi market....

    Mount Your Friends this is quite frankly the best game ever made.
  13. K

    XBox One: The New Console.

    yea, but not exactly what they've done with 5, which is let it race when you're not even IN the game. In the older games you still had sit back and watch it race for you. It Came in handy for some of the longer enduro races that took over an hour to play. Could just load up the race, let the...
  14. K

    Falling Skies

    I'm kinda oddly entertained by defiance. you can see there is quite a bit of effort in it all. Except that it just kinda falls flat here and there.
  15. K


    i bet the jews run tribe
  16. K

    XBox One: The New Console.

    that has been in every forza game ever released and tweaked with every sequel.
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    Sign the 'save kensington' petition

    i find it funny that people are bitching about the lack of free parking around with this topic. Maybe you straight fuckers, oh wait...... bad. But anyways.... trying to find some free parking for the night while going to the homo area of toronto is like trying to find a fucking unicorn in a...
  18. K

    Skyrim thread

    yea think the swords do a bit more. You'd have to look it up. The one thing the hammers do better is with the perks: ignore armor rating. Where as with the great swords, you get extra bleeding damage. Plus i find the unique 2 handed swords to be much more interesting than the others. You...
  19. K

    Skyrim thread

    switch it up to a greatsword when you can. They swing the fastest out of the two handed weapons.