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    classic K-WAY

    Those NEW versions of the classic K WAY Claude breakers are sexy as hell! I want one! Asking the fine folks of Tribe to direct me to a store in the city to get one and I'll go TODAY!!... $40 online in US funds plus shipping but I'd like to able to get one in my city first.... maybe this...
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    FS: MUM tix for this tuesday

    a little short notice but we can no longer attend MUM@Opera house this Tuesday...2 tickets face value + service charges $60 for the pair :) seen them both times they came and it was incredible! PM me for ticket/show details or if interested
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    anyone else excited about FINALLY seeing the T.O. Elusive COCOROSIE!! I still remember when they cancelled their show here a couple years ago and it left a lot of frowned faces... I know there are still a few fans on here so I thought I would post up and see if anyone is making their way to...
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    Black Dice@Gladstone...cheap tix

    Black Dice w/ Slim Twig, awesome color etc...doors open...........NOW! anyone want to go...total short notice but they go on so damn late and with my early as fuck rise there's no way I can go...$15 for the pair (it's $15 at the door if it's not already full) Hopefully SOMEONE likes Black...
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    HDMI cables

    where's the best place in this city to grab some cheaper standard HDMI cables?? Just got a new TV at future shop and busted out laughing at their cable pricing because I know you can get them a lot cheaper....question is where! thanks in advance :)
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    Sensoria V.6 INSTRA:MENTAL!!

    THIS ONE IS HUGE!! Dare I say the best Sensoria yet...those who haven't had the pleasure of hearing an Instra:mental set check out the DJ mixes forum for the Automatic podcasts and get hyped!! Not just for dnb/dub heads either with a nice healthy dose of quality IDM too!! also it's the very...
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    Kool keith:circa!?

    on April 10th everyone's craziest rapper will come out to Circa of all places??...his last show here at the funhaus was less than spectacular so we'll see what he brings out this time
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    Sensoria v.5

    going to be the best one yet in a new venue with beefed up sound! legendary MRK1 headlining and even kicks start early with a 2nd room w/0=0! I was shocked when there wasn't a roll call already for this one...RESPECT THE BASS! come represent :)
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    Tempo 3 year--someone else

    anyone else interested in this one?? less than 2 weeks away! http://www.last.fm/music/Someone+Else
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    Sensoria v.4!!

    tonight it's on! who else is coming out tonight to help Sensoria go 4/4? RATTLIN' BASS courtesy of DJG all the way from san fran. and the rest of the Sensoria crew and amazing visuals from Videocake & Quim all night...epic. if for whatever reason you can't make it ( PFFFT!) you can stream...
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    forget about the OX

    http://www.prefixmag.com/news/el-p-says-new-cannibal-ox-record-unlikely/9847/ Guess all we can re-imagine the Cold Vein or just keep listening to their listening to their live album. truly sad.
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    transferring Ipod to computer

    I need to get a shitload of music from my ipod to my laptop without Itunes acting as the middle man because I already have an Itunes library...I'm sure there are programs out there for it but I have no clue of any since I've encountered this situation before... any...
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    SECT's Open Concept label launch!

    FINALLY! back again...same mighty crew that brought you TRAXX last year! this time expect the same explosiveness...Nov.29th! excited to check out this new space they got for the party too... http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=150189 hope to see some heads there! :)
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    chain reaction

    I heard through the grapevine that someone from the Chain Reaction camp is coming to town this month! any guesses as to who it is?? I know open concept recordings is throwing it and having him as a special guest...can't fucking wait!
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    Casual Sex Tonight!

    who doesn't like a bit of casual sex...? LOT 16 tonight w/ birthday beats courtesy of King and Sconeboy and a classic house mix by Raise Cain... been needing to have some pints and raise a few glasses lately and this is the perfect opportunity :D SEE YOU TONIGHT!
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    Alex Under?

    I was too wiped from a day of hectic travelling to attend...how was it?
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    Norton download needed!

    anyone know of a reliable and FULL w/keygen or CDkey version of the latest or second to latest Norton???...just tagged with some brutal msn virus (as some of you know!) and my Norton disc is fucked and other web based quick scans aren't doing the trick...I seem to hitting a snag trying to grab...
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    DVDs for sale!

    $5 unless noted...will be cheaper the more you buy :) the Sun $8 bamboozled $8 sing a song of sex (chinese rip) Weezer:video capture device $8 Beastie Boys : Awesome I shot that! $8 Robocop Kill Bill $8 Kill Bill 2 $8 Sonny Chiba's STREETFIGHTER saga 4movies...
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    TV box sets for sale

    T.V. BOX SETS FOR SALE!!! great selection and prices...some of these are pricey new/used in stores! the Hilarious House of Frightenstein-3 discs $15 Chappelle's show season 1-2 discs $15 Chappelle's show season 2 -3 discs $20 Wonder Showzen season 1-2 discs $20 Wonder Showaen...
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    CDs for sale.

    great used titles for sale... $5 each unless otherwise marked. willing to sell as a lot. message me for offers :) DJ Dara-future perfect (drum and bass mix) Deftones-around the fur moving shadow 00.1: a decade of classics(2XCD-$8 the Majesticons-beauty party-$8 money mark-push the...