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    Mixtape: Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes - The Abstract and The Dragon

    The Abstract and the Dragon Mixtape
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    Any BES Gurus? Bold Upgrade to os 4.6 = No mail from BES

    Upgraded 9000 to new o/s release from Rogers. Installation seemed successful. Following that, noticed no new mail incoming from Domino acct. Signal is fine (browser/BIS mail updating.) Resent service books ones, numerous resets, etc, etc. Nothing. I've poked around some BB forums but...
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    MAD TV's Aries Spears Freestyle Impressions

    Awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6paE_hvFCI
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    That 'Melbourne Shuffle' Doc (^Banner Ad)

    Anyone watch the trailer for that doc advertised at the top? http://www.melbourneshuffler.com/Promo.htm I'm sure they have great dancers down there and all, but I had to smile when they talk of 'revolutionary' or 'unique' style or 'unique'. Watching the trailer, it looks like 'ravers'...
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    Keith Olberman Spanks O'Reilly (Again)

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    Does Anyone Have a Slingbox?

    I keep reading about these on U.S.-based message boards. Are they even available in Cananda yet? Anyone have one? If so, happy with it?
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    Joey Moss

    He's still around! HNIC just showed him hugging Rollie.
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    Iron Sheik: "..Supplex Him, Make Him Humble, then F&ck His A$$"

    lol, this is weird: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9K-wEUCCvE0
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    Frozen Tundra Hockey Classic Lambeau Field 02/11/06 LeafsTV

    Lambeau Field will be converted into an outdoor ice hockey stadium for the Frozen Tundra Hockey Classic at 3 p.m. on Feb. 11, 2006, featuring the Wisconsin Badgers skating against the Ohio State Buckeyes. A portable rink will be set up on the north half of Lambeau Field. Fans are advised...
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    IPOD Question

    Does anyone know if you can still buy regular sized (20g) IPODs that arent IPOD w/video?
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    Good Clubs/Lounges For Thursday Night?

    Anything good going on tonight? My sister is in town for the Depech Mode show and is looking for something to do afterwards and Im out of the loop. Can aynone help me out with suggestions?
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    LF: High Res file of DONDI Pic

    Anyone know where I can get a decent res copy of that famous DONDI pic where he's in between train cars?
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    Crazy Hugo: Halloween = Gringo Terrorism

    lol this guy's pure awesome for zany statements.
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    Unintentional Parody

    TODAY'S REPUBLICANISM: You can't really parody this exchange between an NYT interviewer and Connie Mack, former Republican senator, and president Bush's point-man on tax reform. The dialogue is about spending and taxes: Essentially: fuck the next generation. And they call that conservatism...
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    NHL 2005-2006

    For talk of those 'other' teams, y'know? Who 's picking who for conference champs? I'm thinking San Jose in the West, Ottawa in the East. (that's painful to write)
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    From The 'Please Shut The F$ck Up' Files

    http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1127425814239&call_pageid=1044442959412&col=1044442957278 Anyone see the ads yet? This organization is fuckin crazy. The only thing offensive is how overwrought and silly they are.
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    Minneapolis High School Band Plays 'Endtroducing'

    http://www.brianudelhofen.com/DJshadow.html In the Winter and Spring of 2005, I started the Shadow Percussion Project, where I attempted to adapt a few tracks off DJ Shadow's remarkable album Endtroducing for a live performance group. By mid-February I had arranged both Building Steam with a...
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    LF: Interpol @ Kool Haus Tickets

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    LOL FOX News Gets Told

    http://movies.crooksandliars.com/noneofyourfuckingbiz.wmv or: http://movies.crooksandliars.com/f-bomb_on_foxnews_today.mov