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    You know.. its been a while..

    Wow.. its ben ages since ive posted around these parts.. thought i'd drop yall a link on what ive been up to.. check this mix.. i think u'll dig it.. and its a bit of what the whole "rex manning experience" is all about... http://www.rogepost.com/n/6184559004 - > DOWNLOAD THIS ! I'd love...
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    The All New All New New Wax Thread !!

    Yeah, i thought we needed a new one of these.. soo many new techno jems coming out, and so many people i recognize coming into 2thebeat to buy them, thought we might as well start sharing our secret insider info... among friends... :) ya know.!? Anyways.. today was VERY lucrative... between...
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    Well.. it seems these days that without a massive guestlist, your event is doomed. Sure, 2thebeat got tons of people out to see D.A.V.E. the Drummer , but they also made it freely accessible to anyone interested and in the know. So.. it is with this new strategy of GIVING away parties that i am...
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    Download ME!!

    Yo, check it out.. 1groove took one of my sets from back in october/november at surface... it's mainly "acid" techno, but i think you will ALL find something you like in it. so please..before you criticize, listenize (or sumfin that rhymes with criticize)...
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    GhEtTo TeChnOoooh

    Ok yo !! Who is down with the ghetto tech sounds ???? I mean like.. anything !! Anything GhettO !!! From Frankie Bones to Dj Rush to Jamie Bissmire and Bam Bam (and most recently Kamikaze) to whatever...Godfather and Assault.... who is down with some ass shaking bang bang ???
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    Ok, now that techno is FREE

    Ok, now that people are actually trying to give you FREE TECHNO events, will anyone go ??? System and 2thebeat have a (potentially) free event featuring one of the worlds BEST and most varied techno producers (D.A.V.E. The Drummer aka Henry Cullen) doing a LIVE PA on the NEW DYNACHORD SYSTEM...
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    i need sound!!

    anyone know any good sound companies? that have LOTS of sound? I need one for NYE, mine screwed me last weekend and now i need someone more reliable. time is running out.
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    I need sound !!!

    I sooo need sound for NYE. anyone know any #'s of sound company's...mine fucked me.
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    I want..I want... it's all about meeee.

    I want these records... sven vath steel/ghost sven vath set my heart on fire (not the rmx's) now... who will sell em to me ?
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    what next !?

    so what next !? what should i do !? who should i book !?? i booked thomas krome and basically that's the only person i wanted to book and hadn't, besides adamx., but i'd booked him before. so now what !? where do you see techno going nxt !? anywhere !? how about hard techno !? ghetto...
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    project !?

    ok, so whats up with this project place i'm hearing about. it's supposedly only steps from my front door and yet, i have never seen or heard of anything in this neighbourhood. plus, from the look of the flyers, it's right up my musical alley (as well as my literal alley)...do i have to go down...
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    hip hop at raves?

    i know i know...first of all... what is a rave ? right !? i mean , who goes to them things anyways...???? well, contrary to poular belief, lots of people do, but they aint called raves anymore...instead, names like "party" or "club" or "event" come to mind... anyways... i have noticed...
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    Hardstyle Kings

    It's official... 2thebeat.com has teh largest selection of hardstyle trance in canada. atleast that i could find.... lately it seems like hardstyle is just flying right off the shelves, and yet, where is it being played ??? i have yet to hear a good hardstyle dj in toronto at any event. the dj's...
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    The Krome Man Kometh !!

    Thats right kiddies... we have Krome koming for halloween. You DO NOT want to miss this seriously sick set (perfect for halloween)... trust me.
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    Frankie's BACK !!!

    Sooo.. is everyone fully aware of the upcoming appearance of mr. FRANKIE BONES in toronto very soon. I believe it's July 10th...or sumthing like that... i know Stewart and friends absolutely worship FRANKIE BONES and all he has accomplished.. so i'm sure i will be seeing you there, eh...
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    Dougfest 2004

    Well...it is true. They don't suck. In fact.. dougfest 2004 turned out to be quite a good listening session, and kept my head a bobbing without effort. Chatted with a rather lushful Skipper, and then booted to continue my eve of distraction ( i needed some relief from Nightmare)...
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    Uberduck are coming...

    it's official..Nightmare has booked Uberduck Boys to come over for Halloween 2004... we also have hardstyle sensation Sam Punk confirmed... looks like it will be a grreat year for the hard trance....
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    Dieselboy wha !?

    Ok, i just got mah copy of Dieselboy's new LP yesterday (i assume they are tunes form his new cd coming out June 1st) and let me just say..WHOLY SHIT !!! Great hard and dark drum n bass all around.. every track is solid as nails... but by far my favorite tune is Gridlocks rendition of yet...
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    "I don't know"

    Has anyone gotten ahold of this new Hawtin tune ? I heard "I don't know why" on wednesday last week and have been looking for it since.. I woulda just grabbed it when it came in but alas..only one copy came and Jelo (the rat bastard) took it before i could... anyways..if anyone knows where...
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    Ant or Julian ?!?

    Ok folks.. who would you rather bang your head to ? Ant (as seen on labels : No Entry, Cluster, Hydraulix, Smitten, Stay Up, Re Entry, Bang On, Power tools, and well..you get the point..) OR ...... "One of the Other Liberators" aka Julian Sandell (as seen on labels : 4X4, Cluster, Stay Up...