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    ACTIVATE 2 YEAR!!! Oct. 18th

    Killer line up, gonna be a night of some kick ass music!!!:) HATIRAS JELO ROBB G D-MONIC FUNK'N'STYLE KISEKA WOO HOO!!! I'm already there!!!:D Who's with me?
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    Mark Oliver Electro Set! @ Activate Wednesdays

    Can't miss this, really interested to see what he plays. This is one of those very rare occasions when you get to see one of the best DJ’s in Canada experiment. See ya there!;)
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    Deko-ze & Kick @ Activate Wednesdays

    WOW! This night just keeps getting better and better. Deko-ze and Kick ripped it up. Nuff good tunes! Nuff good friends! Nuff cheap drinks! Big up the Activate crew! See ya next week!
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    Calling All Break Dancers!

    !!!Calling all Breakers!!! 2Wars & A Revolution Records needs your services for a video shoot on Wednesday, 27th August at 4pm. We don't care if you're a pro, a novice or if you can barely break at all - we want to see you strut your stuff. Think how impressed your friends an family will...
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    Phuture Phunk

    Best one yet, too bad it was the last. Simon Paul, Kick and all others rocked it. Come on Dan do one more!
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    Club 246 Beach Bash AUG 2

    the beach, food and good music what more could you ask for..... see ya there:D
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    Donald Glaude & Jelo @ System AUG 9

    Yes, this is going to be killer> Last time DG & Jelo were @ System they were off the fucking hook! Hope they play B2B again:D Can't wait!