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    :) EXISTENCE RECORDS ON !!!!!!!! TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thursday october 27th 1st hour Paul Kwitek 2nd hour Sean Miller 3rd hour Mikel Curcio SEAN MILLER BIO It was evident when Sean Miller started playing drums on his...
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    The Stutter Effect

    I think easy way to do this is by drawing notes in your sequencer, its not an effect but an actual sequence of percussion hits. playing with 16 and 32 notes in a bar will do the trick cheers PK
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    An Observation on the Current State of Electronic Music

    totally agree with your post matt,though with the new technology that emerged alot of producers got lazy and decided to use popular programs like Reason or fruity loops,these programs have pretty much standard 4/4structures and are based on loops and preset sound banks, I can relate to what...
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    Andrew K - Synaesthesia w/PJ Davy Remix Out Now

    Nice tunes Mr Zabiela has been pumpin this as well. welcome to tribe :D
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    Existence webcast tonight.

    Weekly webcast! tuesdays 6Pm- 8pm www.existencerecords.com Click on ..Tune in.. Host Paul & Paul with guests... Archive is also available throughout the week
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    Paul K Dec Promo Mix

    Paul K Dec promo Mix.. RT [72:42] 1. Ghost World Unknown 2. Madoka 'Platform" 3. Blackwatch "Skin Deep" 4. Quivver and Sutton "Cold Rush' 5. Dan Robbins "Chanting in the Dark 6. Unknown 7. Randall Jones Unknown 8. Unknown 9 OmB " Code 5"...
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    Existence Records Radio Tonight Dec 7

    We would like to invite you for some quality tunes Tonight ! Pease visit www.existencerecords.com and click on the tune in button. show starts at 6PM and wil continue each and every Tuesday more shows to be announced in the forthcoming days so keep checking back! Dj's...
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    Another dj set for you to enjoy!

    Re: Re: Another dj set for you to enjoy! you can try right clicking and save target as.. usually if your pc is setup right it will buffer and stream right through windows media player , hope that helps Paul
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    Another dj set for you to enjoy!

    Just checked the spelling on the record it is Travelodge I am gonna have to stop speed reading lol Thank you for the correction.... cheers Paul
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    Another dj set for you to enjoy!

    8 is a solid track ,
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    Another dj set for you to enjoy!

    Hey Guys A new mix is up for you to enjoy!! www.paulkwitek.com >>>> visit the audio section download april MIx cheers Paul The playlist Paul K April MIx 1.Stephane K "Numb" saw 2.Shawn astrom "sufer" Jeber 3.Hernan Centando "Deeper Layers" perfecto 4...
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    this looks very promising

    vinyl is not going anywhere .....
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    Another Thorn in the Side of Mackie

    I know alot of people say that berhinger is the hyundai of audio gear, thought reading the specs of some of their equipment,I must say that the stuff from there isn't that bad after all these new series of controlers are excellent . until now the cost of a midi controler with flying faders...
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    Cubase SX

    Cubase Rocks....
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    Ginos and Ginas the notion of them and what they represent

    Gino /Gina to my opinion would be considered a lifestyle and form of culture: Just like we have Homeys,ravers,freaks, etc Thats basically how I look at it ,I have run into alot of ginos/ginas and they can be ppl with attitude and also super nice people, . those of you who...
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    Contributing about the Toronto Experience

    Produce ,network, market, kick off your own small label ...?
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    New track guys!

    No reviews ? :rolleyes: and 60 hits HMMM?
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    Yes this is a very nice piece of software
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    Canada dissed??

    MB moved to the UK 3 years ago could very well be she is in Italy now....