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    'Synchronicity' Tech House / Techno Mix

    Grooving blend of Tech House finished off with some slamming Techno There's a moment when everything just comes together - 'Synchronicity' Synchronicity by Nates Mixes on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free 1. On You By Jay Lumen 2. Airbuzz By Koen Groeneveld...
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    Nasty Nate - F.P.B Vol. 1 - Body Thrills

    First installment of Fist Pumpin' Beats Enjoy! Nasty.Nate10 - F.P.B. - Vol 1 - Body Thrills on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free 1. Thriller – David Jones Mix 2. U Don’t Even Know Us – Sharam / Cedric Gervais 3. Clouds Across the Moon – Jay Lumen and Umek hey...
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    Howard stern to go to satellite radio

    This is amazing!! I have been listening to his show on Sirius...so refreshing to hear people talk how they want and live free of the restrictions and demands of the FCC...Artie is killing it now that he can swear George Takaei (sulu) was a sit in for the first week...that guy is F'n...
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    Bad Boy Bill at This is London

    Bad Ass Bitches!!!
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    adam freeland @ Aria Jan 7/06 road trip

    Montreal here we come... buckled up and ready to go...all heal n toe!!
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    adam freeland @ Aria Jan 7/06 road trip

    no need for a passport to cross the border unless you plan to fly out of buffalo...which you are not...so you will be fine...just don't look sketch and know where you are going and what you are doing... hard for some of us....
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    adam freeland @ Aria Jan 7/06 road trip

    looks like another road trip in effect....just happens to be where we are hooking up for a friends bday...a messy one for sure... saw bad boy bill and dj dan at aria a month or so ago...be nice to hear some breaks on that system...whoo hoo!! there!! Nate!
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    students strip tease posted online (go team UWO)

    next question....who on tribe has or is willling to do that??? I am sure a few.... good for her!!
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    behrouz, simply jeff, john kelley @ Boa

    I will be there...pilling it up! simply jeff and john kelley...thats some serious tunage....curious why they wouldn't be upstairs...theres something about that basement, not sure if it's sketch factor, or past parties.....just not sure about it....i am however sure that these two will pound...
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    Glaude @ Gallery

    the party was hit da breaks...killer!! DG is by far and away the most entertaining dj around....aside from dj swamp...obvious different styles, but DG always fires up the crowd, has a smile on his face, and drops the funkiest, nasty and dirty beats that i have grown to love and crave!! and...
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    Bad Boy Bill & DJ Dan @ Aria, 12 Nov.

    lurker...you are the shiz!! this is sick...it is always nice to hear after the fact what you think or thought you heard....not to mention identifying the mishmash of beats flowing through your head the next day.... I was at aria and it was off the hook...any idea if bad boy bill's set was...
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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    that is weak if you ask me...he will be included before long..how could he not?? Howard is the shit, plain and simple...i have this past yr...jan-oct every show downloaded and had started listening to jan in april...needless to say i am still listening to shows from june...but in full form...
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    Happy Birthday Rudebwoy!

    to a sketch free b-day...... good luck with that.... happy bday
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    Happy birthday JESuX

    Happy b-day Jess!!! nice pic!! Nate!
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    Activate knackered me.

    pump up the jam!!
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    Bassbin Twins & Donald Glaude

    ladies and gentleman.... start your engines! all fired up and ready to go!!
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    Who is your fave Toronto based house DJ?

    tim patrick is hands down the best in the city! others: myka - needs to play more s& h - always brings the party tracks! jelo - rips it on the regular dekoze - who has more fun behind the decks?
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    Brampton/go Bus/direction Help

    go bus downtown...local stops at shoppers world....get off there, walk to the back of the mall where the buses are....take 1a bus to sheridan, it's steeles and mclaughlin....so west of hwy 10/hurontario...or if she goes all the way downtown the 1a bus is there aswell....but goes to shoppers...
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    Which QB would YOU choose?

    billy joe tolliver ok young for sure! inside the red zone was his game, accurate as they come. Elway if it was your own 30..even though i don't like him
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    FS: 2 CDJ200s, Roland SP808EX

    also willing to take one if these don't work out... possible price for one? for sure!!