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    BRAWLcast120 Bushby - Forwards Is Down, Back Is Up

    Bushby - Forwards Is Down, Back Is Up RSS :: iTunes :: Mixcloud :: download Posthuman – Callisto [B12 Records] Ipman – Signal Motion [Osiris] Akkord – Navigate [Houndstooth] Jam City – The Courts [Night Slugs] Spookhouse – Convection [Digital Distortions] Luke’s Anger – Broad’s...
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    BRAWLcast119 Bushby - Enter The Beat Codes [Drum & Bass]

    Thanks for listening!
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    BRAWLcast119 Bushby - Enter The Beat Codes [Drum & Bass]

    Bushby - Enter The Beat Codes RSS :: iTunes :: Mixcloud :: download Instra:mental – Fist Level 2B [Exit Records] Instra:mental – No Future [Nonplus Records] SB81 – Partial Nattie [SB81] Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical Remix) [Cylon Recordings] Mefjus & Inside Info – Repentance...
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    BRAWLcast118 Horror Brawl - Shoot Them Later

    Horror Brawl - Shoot Them Later RSS :: iTunes :: Mixcloud :: download Djrum – DAM (Akkord Remix) [2nd Drop] DJ Hyperactive – 25 Hours [Droid Recordings] Ghostek – Lethal Ballet [Fifth Wall] Charlton – Unforgiven [Mord] Dario Zenker – Cookin Bookin [Ilian Tape] Ø [Phase] – Binary...
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    BRAWLcast117 Horror Brawl - Death By Sophistication

    Horror Brawl - Death By Sophistication RSS :: iTunes :: Mixcloud :: download Tripeo – Anipintiros #1 [Tripeo] Woo York – Wogen [Dynamic Reflection] Woo York – Vacuum (Unbalance Remix) [Dynamic Reflection] 2000 Lights – Unforgettable [Russian Techno] Cari Lekebusch – Third Eye Vision...
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    Digital Fist - BRAWLcast #116 [Deep Techno]

    Digital Fist RSS :: iTunes :: Mixcloud :: download Polar Inertia – Black Sun [Dement3d] Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar Forest [Planetary Phase] Future 16 – Alphard (Deepbass remix) [Hypnotic Room] Function – Against The Wall [Ostgut Ton] Claudio PRC – Oes [Prologue] Deepbass –...
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    Bushby - Synchronise Your Dogmas [Glitch Hop / Breaks]

    Bushby - Synchronise Your Dogmas RSS :: iTunes :: Mixcloud :: download Beans – Mutescreamer (Prefuse 73 Remix) [Warp] Machinedrum – Wishbone Be Broken [Merck] Beans – Phreek The Beet (prefuse 73 Instrumental) [Warp] Mouldy Soul – What If Jimi Was A Monster [Colony Productions] Tipper –...
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    BRAWLcast114 Horror Brawl - ...When A Robot Kills You

    Horror Brawl - A Human Will Decide When A Robot Kills You RSS :: iTunes :: Mixcloud :: download Keith Tucker – Brace Yourself [Electrocord] LA Synthesis – Harmonic Disassembly [Evolution] Mariel Ito – My Modulation [SCSI-AV] Si Begg – Losing It (Patscan Remix) [Noodles] Ed Chamberlain...
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    Request a set!

    This is a long shot but I'm after some of my old mixes, mainly 2004/ 2005 / 2006 I had them backed up on a DVD that failed me. I think they are mostly recorded under the name John Bushby or Bushby. It seems quite a lot of them are of the "progressive breaks" variety. If anyone has any of...
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    LTD007 :: Dominik Müller - Ipi :: available now

    Listen to the samples... Wajcha The Grudge Wajcha (PO Remix) The Grudge (eXtrakt Remix) Wajcha (Dan Fix Remix) For more info on the artists... Dominik Müller: www.myspace.com/dominikmuller PO: www.myspace.com/nukapa eXtrakt: www.myspace.com/transakt Dan Fix...
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    Raped By Effection - Surrogate Systems

    [download here] Umek - Fatigo [Tehnika] James Ruskin - Dilemma [Tresor] Visco Space - He Needs A Man [Konsequent] Joel Mull - Sences [Inside] Scan 7 - Invisible Invasion [Tresor] Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual [unreleased] Adam Beyer - Analysis [Drumcode] Visco Space - Come Back In...
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    Horror Brawl - Opening Night At The Crazy Horse

    [download here] Scanone - Ginger Monkey [Combat] Si Begg - Trigger [Trigger] Si Begg - U R D Best [Noodles] Si Begg - Non Stop Cut N' Paste [Noodles] Si Begg - ft DJ Rush - Body [Novamute] Si Begg - Planet Rock Future Shock [Language] Luke's Anger - War [Tigerbass] Green Velvet - La La...
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    Charlton & Horror Brawl on Beton Radio 23 July 2009 www.techno.fm

    www.myspace.com/betonradio www.techno.fm
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    Horror Brawl - What Would Have Been

    Download [here] S.I. Futures - The News [Novamute] Chris Fortier - B Dub (Mark Broom Remix) [EQ] Makaton - Module Man [Rodz-Konez] Extrakt - K001 D [M_Rec] Hoth System - Flight Risk [unreleased] James Ruskin - Take Control [Blueprint] Maztika - Vault [Audio Exit] RND Technologies -...
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    Horror Brawl - Filtration

    [download here] Extrakt - K001 C [M_Rec] Only - Change [unreleased] Only - Local Rate [unreleased] A_Tax - Giger Encounter [unreleased] Black Smith Craft - The Cold Shoulder (Arrestar Remix) [Limetree] Charlton - Diesel Master [unreleased] Go Hiyama - Served [Zwart] Halcyon Daze - What...
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    Horror Brawl - Defective Trip

    Episode 8 of our MANTIS:presents: series and providing the mix we have the Leeds based Horror Brawl. Horror Brawl is one part Bushby (who we showcased way back on the 11th show), and one part nEiL_M, joint owners of the killer labels Digital Distortions and Limetree. MANTIS:presents...
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    Horror Brawl - Additional Killer Robots

    An electro mix done for a Spanish website www.planetamodular.com Link to the mix and a review (in Spanish): http://www.planetamodular.com/?p=128 If you don't understand Spanish you can just download the mix [here] Cybrid - Bumper (Volsoc Remix) [Belief Systems] 214 - Autoparts...
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    Inigo Kennedy - Live @ Detatched 07 Feb 2009

    No tracklist I'm afraid but here's the link
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    Horror Brawl - Live @ Detatched 07-Feb-2009

    Surgeon - Right Road To Dubland [Planet Mu] Dominik Müller - Silesian Boy (Casual Violence Remix) [unreleased] Darren Jones - On The Deep Blue Sea [Kaktus] Casual Violence - Divert [unreleased] Casual Violence - Fall Into Me [unreleased] Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual [unreleased] Broken...
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    Horror Brawl - The Modern Urban Crime Environment

    [download] Matt Green - No Options [Yellow Machines] Gyu - Think [unreleased] Mac Koall - Rasengan [ResoFantom] Mr Shade - Dope Fiend [unreleased] Scanone - Atlas [Combat Recordings] Charlton - Gun Shots [Consume] Charlton - Rotterdamn [Consume] Scanone - The Vaults [Yellow Machines]...