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    NIN Tix! A.C.C. Nov. 10

    Still have a pair left!
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    NIN Tix! A.C.C. Nov. 10

    No worries! :) Either way, I'm offering mine cheaper.... ;)
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    NIN Tix! A.C.C. Nov. 10

    Have to get rid of these!!! Selling them for $120 a pair! With service charges I paid $140!! Just need to get rid of them.... :) Just in case anyone doesn't know, 'Queen's of the Stone Age' and 'Death from Above 1979' are also on the bill! This show is SOLD OUT!!!
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    NIN Tix! A.C.C. Nov. 10

    Actually, just over $140 for a pair after all was said and done. Like I said I'm asking that much considering that the show is sold out. Happy to get at least what I paid for them however... :)
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    NIN Tix! A.C.C. Nov. 10

    I have 2 pairs of extra tickets to this show. One pair is Sec. 322, ROW 3. The other pair is Sec. 308, ROW 11. For each pair I am asking $160. PM me if you are interested....
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    FS. Pair of U2 Tickets

    - Toronto date at ACC Mon. Sept 12 2005 - Sec. 308 - $400
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    F1 hype thread! WHOO HOO!

    All I gotta say about Kimi's crash is 'lucky!!!' Could've been a lot worse. I admire him for trying to make it till the end but he did it to himself for driving the car so hard. Still wish he would've won though. As for the tyre rule? Still sitting on the fence with it. Maybe they should come to...
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    F1 hype thread! WHOO HOO!

    Did anyone catch the storm troopers pit crew for Red Bull? It was funny cuz as soon as I saw the Star Wars sponsor I made a comment to my bro and buddy about how funny it would be if the the car pulled into the pits and the storm troopers where the pit crew. Sure enough as soon as one fo the...
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    Lee Osborne live @ System Soundbar 11/26/04

    Nice set Lee! Wicked tracks!
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    ~*...have you been baptized?...*~

    Yes, baptized as a baby (Catholic Church) - which I believe is totaly ass backwards (the church and it's practicess) and I don't consider myself a catholic since age 16. The significance is that you knowingly and willingly accept Christ as you're savior and lead your life in his footsteps...
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    Sending packages to Mexico

    All I know is I sent a letter via Fed Ex (cuz it was important shit) and the recipient didn't get it for like a month. They (Fed Ex) said it got there in a couple days.... riiiighhtttt.... Maybe the mehicans prolly wucked it up!
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    Expose a great album!

    Muse - Absolution
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    Goodbye Bobby B.

    Hades just informed me of the news. I am at a loss for words. Those who knew him know he was a super guy. My condolences... :( :( :( R. I. P. brother.
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    If Your Child is a Gothic, Reform Through the Lord!

    That list is way too ridiculous. Is it real?
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    Looking for a ticket, if anyone has a couple extra? Procrastination gets you nowhere, I tried for the past week but apperently their all sold out. Absolution is an awsome album!! Heard they are unreal live...
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    velvet revolver

    Big G n' R fan here. I like some of Velvet's stuff but it's by no means impressive. Would've liked to see their Kool Haus show a while back, heard it was awsome. Don't think I'll be going to their ACC show though. Decent tix are like $67 with fees and such. Yeah right....
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    I heard if you're chewing bubble gum, you won't drown... seriously...
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    F1 hype thread! WHOO HOO!

    ^^^ Watchuuu talkin' 'bout. I ain't suprised. This is my fav. team ya know!! I'm just really extatic!!!! Yeah , I just said that word... I've been waiting patiently.... Kimi #1!!! Coultard's gettin' old...