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  1. patboogie

    Man arrested for pouring maple syrup on sidewalk

    and this is why I love tribe.
  2. patboogie

    i miss this place!

    Hello Tribe! It's been a while since I posted on here... just letting you all know that boogie is still alive and kicking! LET'S DANCE! That's all... have a great summer everyone :) boogie. xo
  3. patboogie

    FOR SALE: Sportcraft • AMF Coliseum Foosball Table (brand new)

    FOR SALE: Sportcraft • AMF Coliseum Foosball Table (brand new) Retail Price: $500 + tax Asking: $375 - no tax! Features: • Heavy-duty commercial grade foosball table • Durable HPL laminate on cabinet won’t scratch easily • Textured melamine play surface for unsurpassed ball...
  4. patboogie


    she's definitely hot enough to be posted in the Hot Girls thread...
  5. patboogie


    posting this in the beer thread because the "where's the hot girls thread?" is locked... and i wanted to state, for the record, that the "Hot Girls" thread was my favorite thread on Tribe. I also don't want my comment here to be deleted so I would also like to state, for the record, that I love...
  6. patboogie

    Facial Hair Removal Creams for Men. Do they work?

    second question - any guys out there tried laser hair removal for their facial hair? Does that work? Does it hurt? How long does it last for? I already know it's very expensive but that's about all i know about it
  7. patboogie

    Facial Hair Removal Creams for Men. Do they work?

    I am half Sicilian, half Irish, and like most of the men in my family, I have a very heavy beard. I need to shave pretty much every day and I absolutely hate it. I have sensitive skin and having to shave so often hurts like a bitch and is very harsh on my skin. If I looked good with facial hair...
  8. patboogie

    Favourite drug movies............

    hands down, The Acid House This movie was such a mind fuck! If you've never seen it, definitely check it out! Wikipedia
  9. patboogie

    Canadian tranny Jenna Talackova banned from miss universe

    all bad jokes aside, i just watched a video of Barbara Walters interviewing Jenna. If no one told me I don't think i ever would have guessed she was born a man.
  10. patboogie

    Canadian tranny Jenna Talackova banned from miss universe

    hmmmm... let's see.... camel toe, no. moose knuckle, no. Camel Knuckle? Yes!
  11. patboogie

    Derrick Carter @ Footwork

  12. patboogie

    Derrick Carter @ Footwork

    here's a few photos that I took and Nuno as well :) Photos: Derrick Carter @ Footwork - 01.14.12 I also shot a bit of video with my ghetto camera. The video is below... My friend Alejandro got some amazing footage with his HD camera. He's still editing... as soon as he is finished...
  13. patboogie

    Derrick Carter @ Footwork

    I've heard DC play many times all over the city and have booked him several times to play at Boogie Inc. events. I've even had the pleasure of hearing him play outside of Toronto on a couple of occasions when I was a booking agent at Most Wanted Entertainment... I have to say with confidence...
  14. patboogie

    Recommend me a good facial cleanser

    I am not dousing my face with hot water before I shave... the steam from the hot bath opens my pores. This routine may seem excessive but I swear by it for my own personal needs... and it works very well for my skin :)
  15. patboogie

    Recommend me a good facial cleanser

    I don't know if I should give away my beauty secrets but I guess I can share with you lot, LOL! I have a daily cleansing ritual that over the years has worked quite well for me. I have extremely sensitive skin, and when I shave, if I don't follow this ritual my face is a mess afterwards. I...
  16. patboogie

    Holiday Honey Treat

    I like your style :)
  17. patboogie

    Martinez brothers at Sunnyside

    Thank you all so very much for coming to celebrate with me and for your support over the years. Besides posting photos, i personally banned myself from the review forum after learning my lesson the hard way a couple years ago but there is one thing that I will say... Music is like art and what...
  18. patboogie

    And... no MUTEK reviews either - c'mon!!