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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    love you Kenny - u show them how to dance
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    Nobody Cares...

    josh ryan pistal whip
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    Nobody Cares...

    you are smater kate...really???? you know better....
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    Nobody Cares...

    stink, stank, stunk....
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    Why do police funerals have to be so over the top?

    kill me you are the worst possible human being on earth...DIWC pretentds to like you, but you reminde me of something that is lacking a cromozone..micelle i would rather shoot myself in the face than spend another second with u :)
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    Would you change your Tribe name if you could?

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    Don't mind if I do...

    Who are the great minds of our time? Do we know all we need to know? Minds like Albert Einstein are legenday to us. Recently, the death of Kurt Vonnegute (RIP) spelled the end of another creative mind. Who's mind (for whatever reason) would you love to tap and who inspires you? Madonna -...
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    Nobody Cares...

    FREE: 6 Luke Fair admit one passes for tonight Let me know if you want them. Can't go, I"m @Church and Wellesley.
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    FREE: 6 Luke Fair VIP admit one passes

    Let me know if you want them. Can't go, I"m @Church and Wellesley.
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    Black activist due to speak at Ryerson

    Is anyone here a Ryerson student? I am trying to find out if this guy was allowed to speak or if he got turfed??? Jewish groups decry speaker; Black activist due to speak at Ryerson The Toronto Star Tue 15 May 2007 Page: E07 Section: Gta Source: Canadian Press A scheduled visit to...
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    Paris Hilton out of jail - buff, covered in jailhouse tatoosl!!

    obviously the politial powers can't help out this time...I'd bet she's frightened
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    Happy Birthday Krazy Sue!

    Happy New Year Chris, have a great day!!!
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    RIP Kurt Vonnegut

    It's always sad when such a great mind is lost :(
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    Top 10 reasons why Japan is Brilliant!

    Cuz Swilly - sex
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    Daft Punk - Arrow Hall

    Ahhh, so excited, Daft Punk = what a performance should be and they represent the progression of dance music, hands down. Those who don't understand, may never.
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    So I found a Blackberry

    You found it and you're not even trying to return it? Sounds like you deserve it.
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    I'm Coming Out to My Dad Tonight!

    wow sunny - takes me WAY back...i still remembere watching my dad hammering nails into our concrete wall (avoiding all contact) where "we cleraly needed a new picture" when he hung it up (5 months later) it was a pic of me when I was about 5 yrs old and it's still there. And it's better now...
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    Catch phrases

    fuck me gently!!!
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    YUM, who's the human???
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    Britney almost cured!

    me plus you = Xenuuuuuuuuuu bbf