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    system reunion this weekend?

    Hi All, I heard through the grapevine that system sound bar was having a reunion this weekend @ butterfly nightclub. Can anyone confirm this?
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    MR C @ Gallery March 31st

    I was told that Mr. C is probably coming on at 1.30-2.00. Might make it too late of a night for me.
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    MR C @ Gallery March 31st

    It's very tempting....hmmmmm
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    MR C @ Gallery March 31st

    Did anyone know about this? There's nothing in the upcoming events thread. He kicked ass @ footwerk last time he was here!
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    Ellen Alien @ the Social, Mar. 22

    I saw this on myspace but it isn't listed in the upcoming events forum. Who's in?
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    Antoine Clamaran @ The Drink!

    I was told that you need to be on a guestlist to get in to the drink? Anyone around here who can offer it?
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    Bilingual inbound Customer Service - Banking

    Hi All, I just started a job with US Banks and they're agressively seeking a fluently bilingual (spoken) inbound customer service rep for US Banks. They deal with commercial credit cards. It's a really great place so far. My team leader is amazing and there's two weeks of training; it's...
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    Bassbin Twins @ Footwork

    Anyone know when/if guestlist closes?
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    lcd soundsystem dec 23???

    The reason for the LOL'ing is that Boa closed up around a year ago or more. The listing on that site is clearly wrong. Sonic is now at Boa's old location.
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    a Friday "What would you do if" thread + lol story

    How does your wife feel about it? Also, maybe I missed this part but, did you not confront him at the time because of his current state of oblivion? Why wasn't it addressed at the time?
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    Josh Wink!

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    Josh Wink!

    Does anyone know how long the set will be? there are a lot of other people playing as well... 2 hours at least? Please :D
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    Josh Wink!

    I saw him play at Ultra at WMC 2005 and his sound was like what I remember from the 90s: techno-tech house, more funky than banging (but there were some pretty hard tracks on occasion). Not much of the acid sound, about the only noticeable difference.
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    Adam m'fck'n Beyer!!

    I saw Beyer as starting at between 1 and 2 posted on another website.
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    Adam m'fck'n Beyer!!

    I may be the only one dressed up...no biggie!
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    Oliver Huntemann?!?!

    Response from his booker: "hi michael, sorry but oliver is playing in montreal nov. 4th, not in toronto (Theatré Sans Fil)" Fuck.
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    Adam m'fck'n Beyer!!

    Is anyone dressing up for this?
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    halloween costume help

    I'm going to be a bee for halloween. I'm making wings. How would I attach them to my back?
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    JAG wikipedia page updated!!

    Pretty face, but the dress is not working for her...
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    David Guetta

    Anyone, anyone? Bueller?