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    so i got this parking ticket...

    Got one from those guys years ago, never paid. I never even got a threatening letter.... Why would they bother sending the few stubborn people to collections when so many gullible people will just fork over $40 for free?? :) I think you should donate the money to a charity. Or just pay me...
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    Yorkvill Elite 800W self-powered speaker cabinets - pair - $1500

    Selling these speaker cabinets as a pair. They are in excellent used condition, tested and everything works 100%. One of the speakers was purchased June 2005 and is still on warranty. The other speaker was purchased may 2003. Original manual and receipts included, along with a pair of 25'...
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    Google gives me yet another hardon.

    There is no Big Brother, there's just Google. And of course the first thing that *everyone* does is google their own address. http://www.lightover.com/epic/ (possible timeline? who cares! its relevant here)
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    Psy Trance in Vancouver

    http://www.tribalharmonix.org/ Very much trancier. These guys rock. Not only are they BLA-ish, they've worked with BLA on events before
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    U.S. possibly planning strikes in Iran

    Why are nuclear weapons legal in the united states, but illegal elsewhere? How come no one contemplated tactical strikes and commando teams when pakistan and india made moves to get the bomb? How come no one is flattening Israel's nuclear weapons program? Nope, no problems there, its all...
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    The Glorious Revolutionaries!

    Talk about us "deluded leftists" all you want, I don't think there's any doubt that if some well-armed twats from another country invaded OUR country and started dictating the way things would be, the "morally superior" conservatives would be the ones with assault weapons, grenades and bombs...
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    Cherry Beach

    If anyone's really that disappointed with the music at a beach party, I'd recommend stomping up to the hardworking folks behind the scenes to demand a refund. Yelling and screaming will sometimes help you get 100% of your money back. Fuck. Isn't this supposed to be fun or something...
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    God and lambchops

    "Lamb of god, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us" wiieeerrddddd. i'd like to see this lamb
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    insurence mind fuck

    meh, i tried. fiberals is just too easy... i can't compete what do you do when the liberals aren't liberal and the conservatives aren't conservatives? le sigh... maybe i'll get my reach-around NEXT election
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    insurence mind fuck

    Are the con-scamatives any better? The only difference is they tell you how they're going to fuck you, insted of promising you a reach-around that never comes...
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    insurence mind fuck

    It's called "we're getting swindled!" Doesn't apply to high-risk drivers. BS. Who's high-risk? Anyone under 25? Male? Drives in a large city? Turns on their ignition once in a while?
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    Chomsky now has his own blog - Enjoy, Chomskyites!

    Everyone is really just too busy running around chasing their tails and fighting each other Funny how people impose these limitations and labels. Oh, i'm right-wing. So therefore i believe this, and should do this and blah blah blah. Damn leftists! they're the cause of all my problems! A...
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    Worldwide peace gathering March 20th

    Pics from the pro-liberty rally http://www.geocities.com/allisonintoronto/iraq.html Woot! yay rah rah go Uncle Sam yippieee! .... all 15 of them :D
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    wind power and electricty demand management

    They tried that. People bought the new energy-efficient fridges, and kept the old ones as a "bar fridge" How many people here have more than one fridge? <-- 2 fridges and a big freezer i have the mom to blame for that
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    War For Oil? More Like Anti-War For Oil

    You mean the $87 billion that U.S. congress voted to give to american corporations currently working in Iraq? This misadventure has a net cost for the U.S. taxpayer, but that money goes directly into the pockets of defence contractors and oil companies. Which, coincidentally, have strong...
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    Worldwide peace gathering March 20th

    Sweet I'd heard about this rally but didn't know when/where. Thanks for the info
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    Spainards choose a new leadership

    Islamist. It's been decided that I stop reading an article at the third mention of this "word" Maybe the U.S. neocons should take some time off from their bumbling misadventure in iraq and learn something about action/reaction and restraint from spain
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    Spainards choose a new leadership

    Yup, I'm a peacenik. Ya caught me 200 billion budget and the best these guys can come up with is "an end to evil?" what'd they do, spend $199.9999 billion on bombs? And how much did they spend on any real peaceful efforts? Neocons all over have been itching to get rid of Saddam for years...
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    UN looked the other way (as usual) as Saddam stole billions from them

    And this is different from Halliburton et all giving large bribes (er, "campaign contributions") to the Bush regime for contracts to destry and rebuild Iraq?
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    Spainards choose a new leadership

    You'd rather see them send in more troops and more bombs to kill more people, in retaliation for the retaliation of the retaliation of the revenge attack for the revenge..... The knee-jerk reaction (especially among the conservative camp) is to go in with both guns blazing and try to kill 'em...