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    Foodies, halp

    Lorenzo for sure. Hes crazy, but fuck can he cook
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    Toronto Zoo breeding more gay penguins

    I took out a book from the library this week on gay penguins for my son. Its called "and tango makes three" A male couple get given an egg, and raise it in central park zoo. Sadly, I also took out a book about a dying cat. he likes it, but doesnt understand it.
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    Bowen Therapy

    Sometimes it works, and other times not. Some people I know swear by it. I like taking naps at my naturopath, and bowen involves this for me. I feel better when I leave, and in the end, thats allthat matters
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    Gym etiquette and general info.

    I haven't seen it, but my buddy belongs to another location of same gym. Dude was shaving his balls in the sink. WTF?
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    How do I make kale taste better?

    I love it grilled, and then tossed with olive oil, salt, and red wine vinegar. I find when eaten raw, it makes my throat itch, if not finely shredded
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    Eliminating detergent

    The public health inspector disagrees with your sanitizing belief. We are never allowed to use the home unit at my work. it's not hot enough.
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    Products Getting Smaller For The Same Price

    I've noticed that each time they put an energy drink on sale at most store, they end up raising the price when hte sale ends. I think Rockstar is 3.69 at Macs now.
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    Protein Snack Bars (Recipe)

    I change the bars all the time, and dont really have a recipe. That said, I cook out Quinoa, blend whatever Im putting in it (nuts, seeds, hemp, cocoa, a dried fruit, flax, and other crap) and then I let it cool in the fridge wrapped up, and the starch from the quinoa binds it.
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    WTB - Gutterless Roof Racks

    My wife bought her's at a bike store. I think they were $450 though.
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    Where can I get skateboard deck tape in Toronto?

    Tape off where you don't want rough, and throw sand into the wetpaint.
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    You are going to die, but what then?

    I want to be compressed into 3 golf balls, that explode on impact. Allow my friends to smash me open at my favourite course.
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    Paleo / Caveman Diet

    Lots of studies have since proven that life span of regular people was very similar to ours. If you skip the plagues, and such, length of life was similar.
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    Method Man at the Sound Academy and Why Hip Hop Shows Suck

    You're right, Meth and Red didn't come. There was a near riot, and they never came. But ya, comprehension is over rated. I have found mention of the 1994 Wu show, and apparently there is footage of it, but I didn't link it as I never found anything solid, but meh.
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    Method Man at the Sound Academy and Why Hip Hop Shows Suck

    It could of been. It was at an arena that I never remember the name of. I don't remember it being Wu though. Im pretty sure it was Meth, Redman, Keith Murray, and a mention of the Gravediggaz or something. I do remember they wouldn't see tickets at the door, and that started the...
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    Method Man at the Sound Academy and Why Hip Hop Shows Suck

    This reminds me of the time I seen Wu Tang at Kool Haus- 93-94 Same story, except, they skip Illegal and get to Black Moon. I think Wu came on at like 1 am. It was bonkers though. Next time I went to see Meth, there was a small riot. It was Meth, Redman, Keith Murray, and maybe the...
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    The Pillars of the Earth

    This was the best book I had read in 10 years or so... I loved it.
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    Sugar Addiction

    I have Stevia with Vanilla. It isn't, but it tastes like a artificial sweetner to me.
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    Sugar Addiction

    I have eliminated all sugar from my diet, with the exception of 2 servings of fruit a day. I started a low glycemic nutrition course 6 weeks ago, and love the changes. I miss pasta, but like the Quinoa pasta, but I also can't eat any flours for 4 more weeks, so I can't have the Quinoa...
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    Naturopathic Treatments - your insights into what is what...

    I go see an ND in Missisauga named Derek Murphy. I feel really good when I leave there. Is it the Bowen? Probably not, but I get a lot of quality advice from him regarding career, family, general health. He has helped reduce my allergies, and some of my lung issues. Hasnt helped my...
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    DMT on the CFB: 12 at CFB Wainwright face 70 drug charges

    This is what I remember of DMT. Take a hoot, and run to the couch as the the train is coming to run you over.