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    Got my mpac property taxt assessment in the mail... It is $200K higher than the last one!

    boohoo. screw all of you for buying into the bubble early. hopefully it will collapse before I am 50 so I can transition from condo to owning a gas fired bbq! (a man can dream). ch33se
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    Star Wars : The Force Awakens

    Man, when Keilo made his entrance and force stopped the laser, I had a nerd gasm and actually yelled out 'owned' in movie theater. Then he went and started to suck. Mediocre would be a complement to his performance the last half an hour of the film (the character not the actor).
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    Consumer Black Friday

    I kinda feel bad for people stuck working retail and having to put up with this bullshit.
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    What song is stuck in your head?

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    Political Correctness running amuck....

    southpark s19e01 is pretty good on this subject.
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    Deep fried cheese curds. Any bar in toronto?

    Its Second if you google "deep fried cheese curds toronto" :) First was buddha dog, which is now closed and isnt even in toronto, hence my deep confusion above. Anyhoo, thank you!
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    Deep fried cheese curds. Any bar in toronto?

    Yes, stupid question but a serious one! Deep fried cheese curds. Does any pub in Toronto have them?
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    Will Const. James Forcillo get off for gunning down Sammy Yatim?

    Come on guys, this is TO. The poll should have an option for "Pay raise".
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    Gunman At Parliament Hill

    Before everyone starts freaking out, the article maybe should also mention how many warnings they normally get each week? I.e. if every day they normally get 20 warnings that someone somewhere may or may not be planing to think of a way to do something bad on parlament hill, and after years...
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    2015 Federal Election.

    That ad is embarrassing, and the worst part is a lot of people eat this shit right up. i.e. most of our parents probably. I love how puritans need to impose their values on others. I never jump on others saying “shit mang, I love playing GTA V, you must also play GTA V or we send you to PMITA...
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    Union - Pearson Express Train prices: fair or not?

    Does anyone know if you can buy 2 tickets with a single presto card? Does the conductor verify that each ticket holder have their own presto card? i.e. using one card for me and my lady if taking the train together.
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    Rofl, that costume of Lester is amazing! October snuck up on me this year, busy with work and vaccae, so didnt prep anything at all, and now is too late. Will probably just buy a shit costume from party place. Last year was Phillip J Fry, and before that Mugatu. We are dressing up our car...
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    That and being in the kitchen.
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    Head chopper on the loose!

    ^^ rofl you made me spill my tea you ass.
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    Surprise!! Recently hacked Ashley Madison site is Canadian-owned!

    Although internet never forgets, it also has severe ADD. In 3 weeks, people will flock onto new lynchings whatever the craze of the day will be. Pic of you wearing socks and sandals leaks on FB? Relationships broken.
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    Toronto Ranked 'Best Place to Live' by Economist Study

    Holy shit, you should run for an MP dude!
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    Digital Dreams 2015 Cancels Day 1

    lol, they will grow out of it just like you did. A new wave of kids with fresh party ready neurons will replace them though :)
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    Banning Uber: More bullshit coming from the City of Toronto

    And also look at the logs, to see which side has funnier moral compass.
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    This just in: Toronto HOV lanes to become toll lanes.

    Exactly. I'd set my car on fire myself if I could get downtown on the subway. Instead I need to catch 2 buses, then subway, then if i am unlucky a streetcar. When its -20c out, i'd rather have sex with an aids infested honey badger. I live by the airport btw.
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    Surprise!! Recently hacked Ashley Madison site is Canadian-owned!

    Prepaid CC's are available at every grocery store. So are burner phones, if you are going to cheat do it right at least. Or better yet, talk to your spouse about swinging, if you both would rather nail the fridge than each other.