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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

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    CRUSH time !!

    I have a crush but he has a lady and then the other crush is a jerk and doesnt call no more :P I wish my crushes could lead into something else :mad:
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    funny text messages

    "call you tomorrow that should be good enough, then i've called twice. then were doing it" LoL figures a boy wrote me that one
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Bassbin Twins Live at Revolution, Last.FM, 2001 fuunnnkkkeeeehhhh ;)
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    Krafty Kuts!!!!!!!!!!!

    WoW... that is pretty much the only words to describe this event... Robb G got the crowd bustin a move so early in the nite, but thats no wonder cause his set was oh so funky! Then the other room got jam packed when mickey D and michie dished it out people were dancin so hard i thought the...
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    How oldschool are you?

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm funky breaks..... nummmmy!! *drools* hehe
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    funkNstyle bday jam

    I'm there for sure! and if you need help dawn let me know!
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    Good lookin' Sunday thread

    hungover and at work... perfect sunday :P
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    White Trash Night @ Footwork

    Peter the nite was awesome!! Loved the theme and all the extras such as the photos and goody bags just loved it! All the djs were amazing and got my little booty shakin', as always ;) Also all the kids that dressed up for the event i LOVED it! You all looked hot! Hope everyone had as good a time...
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    Make It Funky/ONdaFLY

    funk if i've ever seen it!! Wow... haven't danced my ass off like that in awhile!! Robb and Jel-o were unreal!!! They made my nite!! Was good to see everyone i hadn't seen in a bit can't wait for the next one! -Ash ;)
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    Vactions 2006??

    Anyone going on vacation soon or planning on something exciting this year? I'm going down to Vegas on Feb 19th my first time...turned 21 last year :D anyone been have any "must go" spots?
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    Funk N Style party

    Awesome nite! Well i dont even know what to say about last nite... i haven't danced my ass off to some funky ass breaks like that in a long time...wish you were there Jonny but i kno you were watching and dancin with us up in heaven... Thanks to everyone who came out and it was great to see...
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    Congratulations to Monika and Robb

    awww congrats!! baby came just in time for christmas :)
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    Back by popular demand: the hot guy thread!

    mmmm those bowls definately make me drooll.... :eek:
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    LoL Thanks Dr.Funk
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    Say hello to Saturday morning!

    coffee, work, then some drunkenness tonite :D
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    well what happened was i was living in london and my bf lived in hamilton and he couldn't deal with the long distance and we had been dating two years and he got a little freaked out because his mom mentioned something about marriage. So thats why we broke up mainly long distance and him being...
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    hahaha think i'll pass on that