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    For Sale: 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus

    A pair of mint Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus players in mint condition (boxes/manuals etc included) & have never left my home. Looking for $3650 cash. Pics can/will be provided. Delivery an option in GTA. These would make an awesome gift! Cheers!
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    FS: Pioneer CDJ 2000 & ATV3

    Price drops! Lets clear these out! 1 Pioneer CDJ 2000 (NOT Nexus), $1400⤍⤑$1275 (obo)! 1 ATV3 (Apple TV 3rd gen), brand new in box never used (NOT refurb), $100⤍⤑$90 (obo)!
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    FS: Pioneer CDJ 2000 & ATV3

    1 Pioneer CDJ 2000 (NOT Nexus), in brand new flawless condition & has never left my home. Includes: box, manual & all accessories. Asking for $1400 obro (or best REASONABLE offer), low ballers will be telepathically stabbed (lol)! 1 ATV3 (Apple TV 3rd gen), brand new in box never used (NOT...
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    The Toronto Real Estate Market

    Absolutely, and even in hindsight with additional time to think about my situation; your advice was informative/valid. Much appreciated!
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    The Toronto Real Estate Market

    I hadn't seen the house yet & thought you're reply was probably hyperbole - I stand corrected, lacking hyperbole to truly state what rubbish it actually is at that price point! I don't know what I'm doing wrong when searching, but I can't seem to find them and the ones I do find are...
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    ~*...what is making you happy right now?...*~

    Packing up the last bit of my stuff to move out of this ghetto building in Cooksville to Islington City Centre hood!
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    The Weather Thread!

    I have never seen an engine extricated from a vehicle like that - wow! That had to be serious impact!
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    Do you need a $900 blender to get a “silkier mouthfeel”?

    I've owned the 5200 for about 6yrs now & don't regret a penny of the $575 I spent on it at Costco. I researched the heck out of the blenders on the market at the time & wanted something that would get the job done and be bullet proof (I hate buying the same thing twice - buy quality & move on)...
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    What are you looking forward to?

    Walking again & returning back to work - complete ATR Oct 5th/13.
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    10 things people say to pretend they know about dance music

    Amen, pratically extinct now a days!
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    Shows worth watching?

    Wait till you watch the last season, wicked! Really love this show, the seasons are short & tight ie well written.
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    The Toronto Real Estate Market

    Don't fret, Was driving along Lakeshore & area in Saga through to Etobicoke border & my goodness there is a ton of condos going up. I just don't believe there's enough demand to move all these units, especially at these prices. I've seen some I loved, but not seeing the value - north of $350K...
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    deep/jazzy house instrumental?

    A deep jazzy burner - trust me! Charlie Hearnshaw Gets Peng (DIGIPENGLP7)
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    Fall Motorcycle Thread

    Any progress updates on this?
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    Sade/John Legend tickets Toronto (Section 120...)

    Amazing concert & my cousin grabbed a ticket so all worked out. Thanx for the interest.
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    Sade/John Legend tickets Toronto (Section 120...)

    Sorry I was distracted as I created this thread - should not say floor seats! The proper seats are listed/discribed in post #1, it's just the thread title thats incorrect/misleading.
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    Sade/John Legend tickets Toronto (Section 120...)

    Sade Live In Concert with John Legend Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON Tue, Jun 28, 2011 07:30 PM $400 face value: section 120, row 8, seats 15-16 Asking minimum $400 face value, no gouging on my behalf! Thanx, let me know. email: zerosandones@digitalitsalifestyle.com
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    Oh I know thats Royce Gracie, I was kidding around. The original poster (voytek) would also make short work of me too - lol! Its amazing how skilled Gracie was/is - would've been interesting to see how he'd fair today in his prime.
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    The Multiple Orgasm Thread

    Mic check 1,2,3. a 1 2 a 1 2. Sorry, couldn't help myself - lol
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    Where in Toronto can I buy a FastMac USB wall plug socket?

    I use that for travel etc - I leave it in my car so if I'm at someone's house I'm good to go. I'd recommend this Belkin for the home - bigger but also gives more receptacles to work with too. Fast Mac U-Socket should really come out with these fancy new receptacles in Decora or it just looks...