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    Looking for any up & coming Remixers

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    Looking for any up & coming Remixers

    Im looking for any up & coming dance remixers to try their hands at remixing a song that was just added to MuchMusic & is currently being serviced to radio across Canada & is being released through Richmond Street/Fontana The track is called "Ma Ma" by Peter Jackson featuring Die Mannequin...
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    Hip-Hop Verses That Still Bug You Out

    Money & blood dont mix like 2 dicks & no bitch....find yo self in serious shit.
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    King Sunshine @ Reverb

    "Electronic and Fusion acts are few and far between at the CMW this year as of every year, it is pretty sad to see that 80% of all the acts at the CMW are rock/folk or punk when there is such a huge electronic scene in this city." ^^^^ One of the main focus of CMW is to showcase unsigned...
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    Obie Trice @ Tonic

    tickets were $15 in advance. $20 or $25 at the door?
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    Obie Trice @ Tonic

    Went to the Obie Trice concert @ Tonic last night..... got there at about 10:45pm just before Rochester aka Juice came on. The club was already rammed and still had a line-up outside.....Juice had the crowd bumping nice and did a lively 20 minute set. He is the best young MC Ive seen in a...
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    2 Live Crew @ System.

    woah!!! 2 Live Crew @ System was one of the most entertaining shows EVER. naked woman on stage...ass shakin....girls making out......ass slaping..... guys/girls licking whip cream off the "Me So Horny" dancers tits. and oh ya......they played some hip hop too.:eek: :eek: :eek...
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    Anyone dig DL Incognito or Classified ?

    DL's CD is one of the best CD's of 2003. Classified is an OK MC but an excellent producer. He produced that new Maestro tune on Muchmusic "God Bless Da Child."
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    Goldie!!!! Theory!!

    I had been to a big D&B event in a few months & I was impressed. the party was well put together....excellent stage set-up with the big projections screens behind the DJ. I had heard MC Armanni while in Philly last summer & thought was a good. He didnt impress while in Toronto though...not...
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    Derrick Carter: System Soundbar October 4th 2003

    I havent been to a house night in a while...but I wont miss Derrick. Fatty P.......holla at me.......lets do this!!!! I havent you in a while either.:p
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    st. paddy's day - the wheatsheaf

    Fatty P looks more "sklood" as the pictures progress!
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    DJ RA Record collection for sale (mostly D&B)

    DJ Ra Record Sale Below is just a short list of the records I have for sale & asking price. I was going to type all of them but it would take WAY TOO LONG. Anybody interested in going through my collection can email me & we'll set up a time. djra50@hotmail.com Song Title Artist Label...
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    Dj Sneak...kool Haus

    you can only go to the well so many times.... Sneak's bday bash has been a big deal that past few years. I guess they figure they can do this several times a year a pack the Kool Haus? nope :confused: should have done this in a club...and event like this will spoil the luster of the...
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    DJ RA Retirment Statement

    DJ RA Retirement Statement As of today, (Friday Feb 7, 2003) I am officially retiring from DJing. I have been Djing at Drum & Bass events for the past 7 years and have decided that it is time I focus my attention elsewhere. At this time, I feel I have achieved everything I ever wanted to do...
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    2 Technics & Nu-mark mixer for sale. mint cond.

    I am selling a pair Black Technic 1200's & my Nu-mark mixer. The Technics are in mint condition as they have never left my house. asking price is $1250 for the package. (inclused 2 Stanton needles) contact: djra50@hotmail.com
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    THE ROOTS @ Kool Haus

    The Roots were wicked! Not as good as last year's Okay Player but good still. Only problem I had was that idiot MC who came out during the break & was talking pure shit for half an hour. He disses other "whack MCs" then goes on to cover several other MCs tunes. Whats more whack than that? As...
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    Can anyone give me contact info for the Ruffneck?

    he has retired from DJing.
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    Did that kenny ken mc fats tune that was on dub ever come out?

    Im pretty sure it did come out a few months ago.
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    Top 12"s and albums for 2002

    1) Telling Me/In The Streets - Illfingas - Jedi Records 2) Call Sign/Depth Charge - D-Region/Illfingas - Jedi Records 3) Tonight/Green Destiny - Illfingas - Jedi Records Thats my top 3 anywayz :D