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    Recommend a lounge for Jan 28

    I have been out of touch for a while so I need some help finding a downtown TO venue for this Saturday. Looking for somewhere that plays some good bouncy house, dance floor not a necessity, but definitely not sketch. Thanks
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    Favourite Christmas Movie / Show

    I can't believe there wasn't more mention of ELF, I laugh at that one pretty good. 4 food groups for elves : candy, candy cane, candy corn and syrop. Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is the ultimate family x-mas movie.
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    near-crippling and near-paralyzing are being used to describe a winter storm? Does this mean you lose the use of only one limb and still have feeling in most of your body?? I have to believe all these meteorologists and other scientists could have used better descriptive words here to help...
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    Morales/Tomiie/Romero at Sound Academy

    I am suprised that no one has actually posted a review here, so here is my 2 cents. I am only able to comment on upstairs as I didn't go anywhere else and certainly didn't need to. Romero did a fine job gettng the room going as it slowly filled, but when Satoshi came on the glass roof almost...
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    Cruise Contol!

    There were multilple photogs there, where would one find the pics? I can't stop thinking that this might have got more response if "control" had the "r" in it or it was called Groove Cruise :D
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    Cruise Contol!

    just might have been the best party of the summer for me, still trying to judge. The rain was awsome! When Franco was just pounding the tunes while Andy kept the electronics dry was mixing at its finest! Did he play a Slam tune? I am pretty sure it was. Absolutely soaked with a whole gang...
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    Chilean team member tasered by police @ BMO Field

    The only time Canadians do not like violence in sports is when it is not on the playing field. period a terrible scare on a otherwise spectacular soccer event here, a real shame.
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    whiskey bottles too? and those bottles are probably cheaper to buy than driving around for them
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    Some dude just pulled up, in his Caddy, on my street to pick some wine/liquour bottles out of the recycling bins and throw them in his trunk? Aren't they only worth a few cents? Does he not get it costs him more to drive his car around for this than it nets him? Is it my responsibility to...
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    Chus and Ceballos times two

    Are you speaking of the Next Level event? If so, I certainly didn't notice any G issues and thought C&C played a wicked set. My first time there (Next Level) and it looked great cool view from the patio glass roof over the dance floor gave it a outdoor feeling quality sound beautiful...
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    Chus and Cebellos at sunset tomorrow

    This is going to wicked! C&C in the sunshine and it looks like it finishes up early enough to hit something else up later
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    I wish I had something new to add, but Aquaviva was the best act for sure, although I only caught a bit of Heather. Main room was a bit lifeless althoug everyone was still having a good time. The staff were great and efficient as usual at the Docks, but IR still draws by far the nicest...
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    24 Season 6

    "worst episode ever" They will have to be a little more creative next year to keep me around
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    N00B Bike Buyer Question

    Woman specific design = colour choices go to a bike shop and get yourself something that fits your needs not your gender Dukes is a good shop
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    King Sunshine, Mark Farina @ the Docks

    suprised to hear so much about the taxi problem. I left around 4 and there was huge line up of them. got home no problem
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    King Sunshine, Mark Farina @ the Docks

    Although I wasn't planning on still going to this after our b-day guest of honour fell ill, but I had a ticket, so I decided around 1 to head on down anyway. waiting in line behind all of 4 people and this couple comes barging past to tell the door man that they have line jump passes and he just...
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    Starting off 2007 with Lawler

    Does anyone know where there any good pics of this night posted?
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    2007 World Junior Championship...aka Team Canada Rally Thread

    What are they saying? First off, all the best to the team. There was no doubt who was #1 Today. Oh Canada! after seeing the post game, I can't think anything but, these are great hockey players but I don't understand wtf the are saying with all the "umms" and "ahhs" the "I mean" the and "ya...
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    Starting off 2007 with Lawler

    I believe he came on around 11:30 and played until after 3.
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    Starting off 2007 with Lawler

    Best set of 2007 By far the best TIL night yet! Everything was cool all night, the serving staff, the security, but the biggest difference from previous events there was the crowd. I met some great people and hung out with plenty of friends and from our spot directly beside the dj booth gave...