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  1. J

    Johnny Fiasco @Opium Lounge

    does anyone know when time johnny fiasco goes on at ? i assume 2. if i'm wrong someone please correct me.
  2. J

    Johnny Fiasco @Opium Lounge

    Saturday March 3RD Johnny Fiasco is playing at the Opium Lounge 222 richmond st west. I'm picky about what I go to these days, but I will definitely be checking this out ! the lineup is eric downer, johnny fiasco, jamie kidd, .. house room tim patrick, scott stanley, shamus coghlan, raul...
  3. J

    Milligan @ Footwork

    ha ha, ... footwork was fun tonight ~!!!
  4. J

    why is everything with (BOO!) JEFF MILLIGAN locked??

    vote for jeff milligan @ thedjlist.com
  5. J

    Daniel Bell - what the shit?!

    snappy, ** it should be a great night indeed. thanks for keeping great techno alive in Toronto Ian. ;)
  6. J


    Ian - post the set times. It would be good to know in advance. .............................................. ps - happy holidays ! ( :
  7. J

    M.A.N.D.Y.-Body Language v.1

    So good ! ;)
  8. J

    DJ Gryphon - Triple 555 Funk - House

    Sunshine on your turntables Gryphon ! Thanks for the house mix ! keep em coming ! -- Jenn
  9. J

    Jon Tremblay - ETN.FM Mix March 2005 (2 hours) - tech-prog

    Damn ! 38:40, and you had me ! Great mix Jon. Keep em coming ! ( :
  10. J

    Pan/tone, Eric Downer & Adam Marshall at Terra (Footwork)

    Pan/tone was amazing. What a treat, a smaller venue and a live pa. That's how I like it ! The crowd was great. Nice to see a few new faces, and great to have Sheldon back in Toronto for the weekend.
  11. J

    A Tribute to Acid House @ SYP

    The acid house night was all about the dancefloor, and the men behind the gear. And because of both, I had such a great night. The crowd was wonderful, and Derrick and Arthur were amazing. What a great jam. DiRtY acid beats ! I'll be back to check this night out again. I was home before...
  12. J

    People and their DAMN Dirty Boxes

    what a great idea. nothing like a little spring cleaning. :p
  13. J

    Jeremy @ (the new) Footwork

    Has anyone tested this out yet on the new system? Let's not get carried away here... :) Looking forward to hearing Jeremy again. Hopefully he brings his girlfriend. fingers crossed. - Jenn
  14. J

    Detroit Line Up!!!!

    there's no better time than the first time - looking forward to going this year. what a great line up. :cool:
  15. J

    Rhythm & Sound

    An extra 50.00 cash may be needed for the show per chance there are cd's for sale. mmmmmmmm, cd's .............
  16. J

    Rythym and Sound APRIL 24 @ MOD CLUB!!!

    I actually prefer Sunday night events. They make me feel more responsible. Fridays and Saturdays have had such a long history of partying in my life. I'll be there for sure. Oh wait, what's on tv Sunday nights? Am I going to miss anything? ;) ( please don't answer that - the last thing i...
  17. J

    Finn Johannsen - Mood Lift part 1 - 5 [Classics, House]

    Thanks todd, I happened to drop by ians on saturday and we listened to Finn Johannsen, drank beer, and bbq'd some meat. It was a wonderful afternoon. Sunshine and finn johannsen go well together. *jenn
  18. J

    Happy Birthday Jenn@mudshark!!!

    hey, a birthday thread. :) thanks for drawing me that birthday sketch UR. ;) looks like you and me when we were 5 and ninja turtles, remember? i woke up today and realized my drivers license has expired. 1st time that's ever happened. and i lost an hour on my b-day this year ... why ...
  19. J

    Mutek 05

    biosphere? really? up until today, i had not imagined that i would ever see biosphere play live. life is full of surprises. biosphere playing at mutek is absolutely amazing to me. for those who do not know biosphere, and want to know what shifting glaciers sound like... and darkness, and...
  20. J

    Happy Birthday MIKE D

    happy b-day mike d. i'm sure you are still at the party.... ( or are still the party ) sorry i missed it, i'll make up for it another night. HAPPY B-DAY !!! hugs and kisses, jenn