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    foot pedal for minicontroller/keyboard

    Does anyone know what the best foot pedal is for a midi=controller/keyboard? i'm looking for something that most closely mimcs a baby grand... any thoughts would be appreciated...thx
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    Give me your thoughts on this blatant double standard

    Sorry to tell you this, but guys CAN (and should learn how to) have multiple orgasms. Google : Kamasutra & Tantric Techniques :P
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    Pedal for keyboard/minicontroller

    Does anyone know what the best Foot Pedal for keyboards or midi-controllers is? I'm looking for something that most closely mimics a baby grand piano. Does anyone use a foot pedal? I'd love to hear from ya...thanks..
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    Minivan Rental?

    uhm? uhm? why don't you rent from a Car Rental company? Budget rent a car? ever heard of it? why would anyone give you their car for a weekend? are YOU crazy?
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    danny danny oh danny

    In defense of smokers Okay, let's look at this logically: 1) You go to a party and it's smoking-only outside. It's cold outside. Maybe even negative 40 degrees. 2) DJ plays booming tracks and you dance for hours. Your clothes (if wearing any) are soaked. 3) The cigarette...
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    danny danny oh danny

    yes, indeed... Haven't seen Danny since he played at the Warehouse years ago...i remember staying there until past 10am when there were just 20 of us diehards left....and Danny just played for us...he played cuz he loved playing for his fans. And yes, he did it again. Waving...
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    Roommate Wanted for Oct 1st - College Between Spadina/bathurst

    we're showing the place until friday/saturday, then we're choosing out of the people that came....if u'r interested, give us a call: Charles 416.803.1325 or Ken 416.910.2993 Utilities are around $100, maybe less....we share internet/cable, and we don't have a landline cuz we...
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    Roommate Wanted for Oct 1st - College Between Spadina/bathurst

    Yep, place is still available...
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    Roommate Wanted for Oct 1st - College Between Spadina/bathurst

    Rent Reduced... Rent has been reduced to $475+ Msg us soon if interested. We will be holding interviews over the next week.
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    Roommate Wanted for Oct 1st - College Between Spadina/bathurst

    ROOMMATE WANTED! Looking for a responsible, easy-going and fun student or young professional to live with a web developer and musican/internet marketer: -1 room available in 3 bedroom suite, upper 2 floors of a house -renovated w/ hardwood floors, new kitchen, laundry on-site, central air...
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    WTB: M-Audio 88-key Midi Controller with After Touch

    Anyone selling one? Also looking for Studio monitors and wikkid sound card...
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    For Rent: Dedicated Server on a 12+ Gigabit network. Need some serious hosting?

    interested can u email me more info at: cozyfury<nospam>atyahoo.ca how would the arrangement work exactly?
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    WANTED: Local web-hosting companies

    i've also used canaca.ca, they were reliable and good. Used to have offices at yonge/st.clair...it was small. Not sure if they're still there as i've switched web hosts. They have offices here in Toronto, but main HQ I think is in Texas...but can't remember exactly...
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    Gas Prices

    haha...you know...now THAT makes sense. If gas is insanely expensive it would really help clean up our megacity air. But you got to think about what it does to transport business, government vehicle costs (ie. school buses, hospital transport, fire fighting vehicles, etc)...and what it does...
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    Federal Debate: No green party

    I think it's a numbers game. Only LIB, PC, NDP, and BLOC have high enough numbers to appease the media institutions.
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    For Sale>>>air Purification System!

    awwwwwwwwwwww..... geminigirl sounds like such a cutie!!
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    WTB: Two (2) Madonna Tickets

    Looking to buy two (2) madonna tickets...anyone selling 'em?
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    Free Love!

    the weather warms up and people go nutz. OH MY! :D :D :D
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    Techno room day jobs

    I run my own Internet Marketing Consulting company....with plans to expand into music marketing & publishing soon.. Just learning to produce with all the software...picking up my keyboard this week. Tekno for life!
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    Madonna - Sunday Show

    1) when is the concert? where, what time, etc. 2) where did u buy the tickets? 3) how much did you originally pay for them? i'm interested in the tix....