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    Hate Bush?

    music and meaning both there. props.
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    Hotdocs 2007

    War/Dance Manufacturing Consent 3 Times Divorced Girl Inside Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman The Fighting Cholitas Yes. In angry girl phase. For now.
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    Man jumps off Cruise Ship

    buahahahahahha. o my! there's an anti drug commercial in there somewhere.
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    LF: Short Term room rental

    what dates in Feb?
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    Attractive Careers

    two self-professed writers completely misinterpret each other's missives on the profession of writing. amusing.
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    Best Sushi Downtown?

    agreed. never tasted sushi like this before, like some of his signature pieces with toasted garlic and pure sesame oil - even in Tokyo.
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    Catchy jingles for... psychotherapy?

    awesome. jingles are an easy mechanism to get consumers to remember the brand. they work best when the rhyming couplet contains a brand promise IE Coke is it or The best part of waking up, is in your Folger's cup, but it's obviously not for every product or service. yikes.
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    Vote extends commitment to Afghanistan by 2 years

    :rolleyes: or a pagan, matriarchal society without territorial wars. playing "ifs" is a silly game.
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    Badal...The Documentary

    not quite. it's in Kyrgyzstan - central asia, at the crossroads between n. asia and russia. in one of the poorest countries in the world, many of the women probably don't feel their other prospects are better. Still an odious practice, though.
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    FREE! Kitten (cutest ever)

    i'd be happy to take them both! but just the lil' guy, if you haven't found a home. the only thing is i don't move into my new place until jul 1. but i do agree, that the kids need each other, especially indoors and left alone for long periods....
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    Korean Scientists Develop Female Android

    somewhere out there is a korean woman bitching to her friends about a certain unpleasant, smelly pencil dick who totally turned her off of oral sex until she met a real man. and like all women, korean chicks love sex. guess you just didn't do it for any of them.
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    Tribe Tourism to Mexico set to Increase in 2007

    i guess the bill is one way to woo tourists back since they tried to shunt off the stabbing murders of two canadian tourists as the work of canadians who had a grudge, instead of investigating the matter properly. boo-hoo: wonder what vincente will do now? stupid tit.
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    with good weather, comes bad relationships.......

    you mean three repeats weren't enough? apologies for the technical glitch. your response to a guy who was sharing a painful sitch we've all been through seemed a little too easy and juvenile. why would you add insult to injury?
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    with good weather, comes bad relationships.......

    wow, adding grossness to general rudeness. nice.
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    with good weather, comes bad relationships.......

    wow, adding gross to general rudeness. nice.
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    A question about a particular saying-

    'Tis true - the only difference between them is the contraction of the verb is. Comes from the Bible story about the fall of the Tower of Babel in the old testament, when the prince was forewarned by the writing of the message by a disembodied hand on a palace wall during a feast.
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    Barbara Bush steers donation cash to son's firm

    educational software for homeless kids - yup, about as useful as chewing gum to solve a math problem. guess there's no family biz that covers food, clothing or decent housing. ick. oh, and the bush women aren't as attractive as the kennedys.
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    Barbara Bush steers donation cash to son's firm

    how lovely: a tax deduction that generates publicity AND she gets to keep it in the family. everyone wins, except maybe the poor kids. can't think what level of education they're receiving from republican coffers, if fox network and george dubya is anything to go by....
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    Cirque Du Soleil- Delerium (new show)

    it opened in montreal two weeks ago. sold out all four performances of the weekend. it's beautiful to see and hear (the music had elements of world music, electronic and rock). please let me know what you thought of it. i'm curious. it may be that it resonated with me because dreams...
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    Alexander Kieths dude

    they found 200 files on his computer (toronto sun), depicting graphic sex with children as young as 12 months. and he's being processed in court through legal channels for contributing to the exploitation of children as sexual objects; not unilaterally being accused without a fair trial for...