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    >> ROBB G "Rockin The Grey Hair" (Oldschool Breaks Mix)

    loves it! i DO love my oldskool breaks baby
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    funkNstyle bday jam

    totally i'm there for sure to both and i'll spin if ya need more djs :)
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    stanton warriors & freq

    that's a BIG 10 - 4 good buddy i'll be there with bells on!
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    Your favorite break

    tough one hrmmm i have to choose just one? lemme get back to ya on that
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    Nocturnal Magazine - Skating Party - Harbourfront

    SOOO much FUN!!!! omg haven't been on skates in years but what a way to do it up... skating around with house and breaks blasting on the loudspeaker so fell on my ass but i loved every moment of it.. there are some great pics can't wait to see em posted can't wait for the next...
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    Grime party at The Boat

    stood in line for ages and walked into a half empty club... honestly what's the point in holding the line outside and pretending you're at capacity and then letting shit loads of the promoters friends in... bah i almost lost my patience with that line but waited it out and got in...
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    Say hello to my little friend

    CONGRATSSS!!!! this is amazing, all the best:D :D love the blue and white..lol
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    FUNKNSTYLE Memorial Jam in Hammertown

    haha i think so too i remember it all darlin :) so where's my honeymoon in hawaii then huh?? jk see ya soon
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    FUNKNSTYLE Memorial Jam in Hammertown

    for sure I'm definitely makin the trek down there ... gotta spin madbar first but then i'm gonna hit the highway and get there as soon as i can
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    Up and Coming funky Djs wanted

    ... i definitely am all about the funk emailin ya :)
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    Who Is South Beach Sleaze

    haha that is all
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    Call On Me - Eric Prydz

    totally vicious :b throw it in BUDDY they'll love it.. trust
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    god i wish i could go to this.... maybe next year
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    Block Party @ Apothecary

    nothing online yet gotta get my new demo done... i would love to play at apothecary again!!!
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    Block Party @ Apothecary

    haha Robin YOU going braless such a treat ;) hehe haha Justin :D pure jokes
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    Block Party @ Apothecary

    i'll be there... i practically live at that place LOL so no worries your personal bra will be there and ready for work BUAHAH
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    Feb 12 - Destiny @ The Docks

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    Farewell My Friend. R.I.P. FunkNstyle.

    I'm at a loss for words right now... My love and condolences to Dawn, Julie, Dave, his family and all of his friends I'm so glad that I got the chance to know Jonny.. he touched my heart as he did with everyone he met. He was that special of a guy. The memories that I have will keep him...
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    Sami's Bum 2004 (New mix cd)

    Shouldnt the girl that inspired the the CD get a copy 1st?? Common Dave you know it wasnt really HER that made you make this CD is was me and your "experience" that made you wanna do this.... LOL:rolleyes:
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    Free to a good home!!

    So I am moving back to my parents house and my mother is allergic to cats SO I have to give my cat awayand don't want to take him back to the humaine society because that's where we got him from. His name is Edward (we didn't name him) but known as "EDDIE" he's a long haired black cat and...