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    2 questions about pay as you go phones

    Virgin mobile's Minutes lsat for 4 months.....soemthing to look into
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    HAHA Yes guy! and games! :D
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    Anyone been to TRYP Cayo Coco

    I went there....stayed at Iberostar though.....made great freinds with a guy names Lino....he was one cool guy!:D
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    Sex and the City: relationship talk and a new epiphany...

    Yeah but she's sooo freeking annoying and self involved.....she always wants to talk about her her her......her problem is always the most serious and crucial.....and her upity wasp demeanor really ticks me off too.....ok im done :D
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    Words that have been abused...

    How about "suck it" :p
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    Words that have been abused...

    yeah, "touch base" really irks me....and come to think of it the word "irk" really pisses me off too. Along with people who attempt to use the term "hella".....perhaps the gheyest term ever....um we're not in california,.....and even if we were, it still wouldnt be cool.
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    Charlie and the chocolate factory remake.

    Already been used as a sample in a hip-hop track, Living Legends or Mystic Journeymen i beleive.....
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    Vaughan Mills grand opening today

    Hey maybe i saw you last night.....im the only cocktail waitress with short blonde hair.....yeah kinda sucks they dont have a liquor license yet....its gonna be cool though....21 and over and a dress code....will keep all the little punks out :D Leah
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    Vaughan Mills grand opening today

    Yup i work at this rediculous new mall, Im a cocktail waitress at Lucky Strike.....the place is freeking nice....everyone come visit me....not today of course....its gonna be one hectic night :eek: Leah
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    Ringtones anyone?"

    That would be awsome...PM me :)
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    Ringtones anyone?"

    Yup, same as fido! :mad:
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    Ringtones anyone?"

    Hey tribe, Just wondering if anyone knows any good sites for ringtones....perhaps less popular ones (ccr, sting, phil collins ect), im having trouble finding good polyphonic ones that arent rap or top 40. Thanks In advance Leah:)
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    Your Theme Song.

    Steve Winwood- Back to the high life! :)
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    *The Friday dirty thread*

    Dude, yeah you gotta relax....sounds like u could used a good knob job yourself! Good stress releif ;)
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    When musicians have to poo....

    Bwahahaha you sooo funny....yes im easliy amused :D
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    watching paint dry

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    Whatever happened to Citrus?

    Actually it was a BMW ;)
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    ~*...booth bunnies...*~

    not to be critical but those two are kinda busted looking
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    the interesting facts thread

    Fact: Some ppl are able to recognize the humor and amusement in a thread such as this, and recognize it is not legitimate information to be used in a research project or thesis :D