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    Vernon in Da House

    hey Simon thanks brother. please come and visit anytime this mix is also up on http://www.deepen.cc mrs pink you smell like amyl nitrate and burning rubber
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    Vernon's deepen damagers Jan 24/06

    Vernon Douglas deepen/lotus sound lounge/various Vancouver, BC, Canada http://www.deepen.cc deepen damagers jan 24/06 Manuel Sahagun. Deep friday EP. Wiggle Swag. Buzz in the Speaker. www.swag-uk.net Samim. House Nation. Tuning Spork Swag. Wilder Schlumph...
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    Vernon & McKeehan @ Lotus, Van, Jan 7th

    hey thanks for the kind words guys heheh, yeah lineups for blocks whenever in in T dot lol lunnen hates it when i take all the attention from him heheheh im not sure if we're the longest running but im pretty excited to say we'll be celebrating 7 years of deepen on Feb 11
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    who are Toronto's most over rated dj's?

    finally a good thread around here lol im not sure whi is the most over rated but its a toss up between TP, Murko, Gryphon or Lunnen ROFL
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    what is going on in Van on sat the 7th?

    http://www.deepen.cc msg me for list
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    Vernon Douglas sonic 06 mix

    http://www.deepen.cc/dj_mixes.html here is a new mix i did for our yearly NYE jam. Samim. House Nation. Tuning Spork Mario Passarani. I house you. Peacefrog Ark. Sucubz(Mr. Oizo Remix). Brif Lee Mortimer. When It Comes(Izit Remix) Front Room Recordings Jay West...
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    What's your track of the year?

    bar a thym for sure the track is amazing enough on its own and the middleton mix seals the deal...
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    Vernon's deepen damagers sept 24/05

    Vernon Douglas Deepen/Lotus Sound Lounge/Various Vancouver B.C., Canada http://www.deepen.cc John Larner and slater Hogan. acid planet EP. doubledown. Avus. tears. Klang Blake Baxter. One More Time(Da Bass Mix) Mix Media Detroit Elite Force. Mindfunkpsychedelic(Jesse...
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    Lil Mark is awesome

    yeah i love his prod as well. so thick, the sound quality is amazing. he must spend some time processing his sounds.
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    your 1st DJ name/alias?

    dj pep
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    Jay Tripwire - good / bad?

    ive heard tripwire alot and i have to say he is the man he plays the whole spectrum properly.
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    is there an acca of this? ive heard its on a 7" but cant seem to find it on submerge...
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    Whats everyones favorite store?

    found sealed original copies of Joe Smooth ---Promised land and Chip E --Like this both on DJ International at Aboeba in LA last month. 6 bucks US a piece. Apparently they found some old boxes in the warehouse. Love that place. Besides that the have lots of other great stuff...
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    Vernon Douglas, Gryphon, Gleeson....

    i was born on april fools day so there's not much i haven't seen there Mr. Patrick
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    Vernon Douglas, Gryphon, Gleeson....

    heheh, im waiting for Tim's revenge on that one.... but hey the dude is gullible.
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    Vernon Douglas, Gryphon, Gleeson....

    yeah i hear this guy is ok handsome as fuck too LOL looking forward to jamming with you guys Gryphon ripped it at deepen a couple months backand I hear lots of good stuff about Gleeson as well. My lady(and deepen partner) will be in...
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    2 Mixes for d/l - jeep beats / classic reggae

    LOL like 43 tracks isnt a marathon??? wood is the the man. unbeliveable mixes here:)
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    i have tim patrick coming to visit....

    man Tim has the skills. this guy should be touring way more. He's better than most DJs I've ever heard. I think once he gets some more records out his career will really take off. Nice guy too. He'll be coming here regularly for sure. He was very professional as well. He was...
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    i have tim patrick coming to visit....

    well the funny thing is Tim had to come over while I was at work so I left him the key. I was a little worried as my dog is a little bit of a live wire and ferocious guard dog. All day Im thinking OMG I hope Tim isnt being used as a giant chew toy and thinking about how much I love...
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    i have tim patrick coming to visit....

    shit i should know better than to befriend people on the internet nestore, we are still there. are you coming back???