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    FS: Pioneer DDJ-SX

    My bad $800.00.
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    FS: Pioneer DDJ-SX

    Bought this at Moog audio earlier this year and only used it once. My daughter has pretty much taken my free time (which I don't mind and love), plus I've taken my photography more seriously. I don't need to give you the specs as you are probably aware for what this awesome controller can...
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    Native Instruments Kontrol S4 and Bag, also have Kontrol X1

    I'm interested in your S4...PM me.
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    FS: October TTC Metropass

    Selling it for $105. PM if interested. Located in Downtown Toronto (Spadina and Front area).
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    FS: Mint Ipod touch 64GB 4th Gen

    I'm not really using this as much I would like to. Asking $300 obo. Thanks for looking.
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    Jump n Shout Sunnyside Pavilion

    I got there around 4 and surprisingly not a lot of peeps out to catch Dj Heather's set at 4:30. The weather was great and the tunes which Heather played was going to make the day sunnier. Heather's set was the set of the night. She killed it and had me grooving all night. Her set is...
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    Amy Winehouse Found Dead

    My bad. I read that the confirmed death toll is 76. However, way to many innocent people dead.
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    Amy Winehouse Found Dead

    She chose that life for her. On the other note.....rip to those 80 ppl who died for no reason in Norway.
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    Body & Soul and why you should never put your legends on pedestals

    Thank God, I didn't go to this party. People weren't over reacting when djs did too much knob control and effects. They destroyed that track in the video....horrible.
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    Sunnyside Pavilion Canada Day

    Just saw Farina's tweets today and it seems like he's playing in Chicago tonight. If your wife's in ICU or was just discharged wouldn't you write off this weekend gigs. It doesn't add up. Plus, does anyone know when we are getting the $10 voucher for the next party?
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    Transformers - Dark of the Moon

    Michael Bay would be a great porn director.
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    CRTC and usage-based billing: The internet is now officially dead

    Damm....I thought Telus was robbing me with 60bucks a month with wired fibre optics internet and unlimited downloading.
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    Sneaks Beats

    Maison was the perfect venue. The crowd was great and lots of hotties. Fries and Bridges and Sneak played well. It wasn't until Ricardo started to ejaculate all over the decks that the music started to go down hill for me. Maybe having some of the mongoloids (Junior Sanchez, AVH, or Roger...
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    Good fish & chips place in Toronto?

    Last week I checked out this place called Fresco Fish and Chips in Kensington Mrkt. The place use to be also a fish and chips place that sold Belgian fries. I ordered Halibut and chips, this had to be the best halibut I've ever tasted. It was thick and the batter was perfect and not too...
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    How to get DJ gigs?

    The house music scene sucks in T.O. If this were 10yrs ago, I'd say you have a better chance.
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    INCOMING! Boatload of Tamils

    So, what is the update with the Tamils? I haven't heard any news lately. I won't be surprised if they are receving a welfare cheque, have OHIP coverage and canadian passports. :mad:
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    I got Telus for internet here at Cityplace. Paying $58 incl taxes with unlimited download, at 100mbs download (the most I got from my speed test was 70mbs). Gotta love fibre optics.:)