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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    impressed: ordering from Roots website I ordered a purse on sunday night on the roots website because the color i wanted wasn't availalbe in the stores near me. i got a call at 11am on wednesday from purolator that the package was already ready to pick up at the purolator near my house...
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    just ordered this from roots
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    hot tub time machine > the hangover

    loved it!
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    Shoppers Drug Mart

    i just realized it's only today, so don't wait til tomorrow to go
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    Shoppers Drug Mart

    its 20x the points this weekend!
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    Hi-Fi ?

    what bitchass said! go, you will have fun! and if you like it wed, thurs & fri are all good nights there too.
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    ok i have figured out turning the diva cup - i was inserting it too far and then trying to turn it. you just put it in a bit and twist & then put it in the rest of the way. i haven't had any leaking at all, i am definitely glad i tried this thing out!
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    i find it hard to turn as well, but i havent experienced any leaking issues (i am just starting the 2nd cycle using it). my coworker tried it a few weeks ago because i loved it so much but it did leak for her. everyone i know who uses it said it took them a few cycles to get the hang of it!
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    interesting, i thought bio oil was just for stretch marks, etc. i have pretty dry skin, i think i will try it out.
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    So, why didn't u tell me about...

    basically licensing /city issues... this is from the facebook group: There has obviously been much speculation after the surprise suspension of our liquor licence last weekend by the liquor board but I'm sorry to have to officially confirm all the rumours. The Warehouse and The Underground...
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    So, why didn't u tell me about...

    i haven't been to vinyl yet but i love 80s... my friend said it was a really young crowd and really cheesy when she went. unfortunately the warehouse is now closed after 26 years! :( looks like you were there on their last weekend.
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    i bought the diva cup on monday and so far i am loving it! the first time i used it i was like wtf, this seems really awkward to get in but since the 2nd try it was no problem. i am definitely glad i got the smaller size (i am 36, no kids). so far no leaks or anything. i got it at london...
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    about the size thing.... the website insists if you are over 30 you need the bigger size even if you havent had kids. i dunno... i think i am going to try the cup out but get the smaller one. as for tampons i recently switched to ob tampons and im liking them!
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    do you ladies find the cup works ok at night too? i was wondering if it would tend to leak when you are laying down....
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    Snowblower - Featuring Mr. Scruff - FREE!

    January 16th from 5-11pm at Olympic Plaza! High Performance Rodeo and the City of Calgary present: SNOWBLOWER Celebrate Calgary’s Olympic Heritage with a kickin’ party on the plaza! Fire and ice collide in this mind-expanding winter showcase. Featuring huge audio from an onslaught of...
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    BLACK (white) FRIDAY

    i think everyone got off work early except me, because there was barely any traffic by the time i drove home. it was much less scary than driving on those icy roads last friday, but still ridiculous!
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    maybe we should arrange a get together for all of the calgary tribers when you are here?
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    Events in Alberta

    i'll probably go to the calgary show
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    U2 Edmonton presale code?

    thanks, you rock! i had that password, but not the link to the eskimo's presale. :)