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    Sorry...we close early Sunday to Tuesday (I need time to watch hockey and get groceries). But, if you let me know you are coming (and the Leafs are not playing), I am happy to stay open. And kevin...you DID spend all Saturday in here!
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    Jelo and Donald Glaude

    Cheers to the tunes and the people who were dancing to them. Jeers to the security. As per normal employees of the club that we are spending our hard earned money think it is there job to ruin people good times. They make me feel like a criminal even though my biggest vice of the night was a...
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    ORIGINALvibe Is such a DORK

    I am crying right now....normally for comedy like this it comes with Prime Rib, and you would have to tip the waitress. Gotta blame it on something.
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    Milk @ Charlies

    Even though we did not stay the whole night, I think that was the most fun I have ever had in the guv. Deep Dish was rocking it, but I could not find a place to avoid sweaty people, so we stayed in Charlies most of the night and the music was just dandy in there. The dancefloor forces you...
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    toon girl on current tribe cover

    I thought she was from Regina?
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    Pilgrimage to the Priries

    speaking of drinking in saskatoon... I shall have to sample this shot when I come back home for the New Years Eve party, Whore Frost. If anybody is going to be in Saskatoon for New Years Eve and wants info on our little soiree...give me an email @ bobbythrust@yahoo.ca or PM me and I will...
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    The Harvest Festival !

    The drummers by the fire gave my one of my highlights of the night...you just reminded me of when I was off to the tall persons loo and I heard them singing a song that was all to familiar to me but out of context. Suddenly I began singing along in my head to my favourite disco song of all...
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    The Harvest Festival !

    Beaker put it best with "Beer beer my beer." This is the kind of party that I am very happy to give my hard earned dollars over to the people responsible for bringing us all together. I personally feel that I did not properly invest myself into the party and I know now for next year to plan...
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    Where are you saskatoon?

    You stand corrected.
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    Harvest Festival Saturday, September 21

    There is a 92% chance of total debauchery and a 100% of mischief.....I have a glint in my eye....we need total coverage.
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    All Praise be unto undefeatable Hybrid

    Does that not simply describe progressive music in general? The atmosphere in the backroom was fantastic as always. Even though all the fans were either not working or pointed up, we still know how to chill back there. The highlights of the night include the woman who gave us a lightshow...
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    Kiseka, the Dukes and others @ ART SYSTEM

    is there cardboard in the barn? I know there will be beats, I just need the cardboard.
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    Kiseka, the Dukes and others @ ART SYSTEM

    wicked break dancing op for all who missed out.
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    I am still waiting for the incriminating pictures! I know I spent most of the time I was there reading a readers digest condensed novel, so I know that I will be spared...but I would love to see who will not be.
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    We may have had good weather, but for some reason the bathtub massive still had to 'blame it on the rain.' Thanks again for having us....I don't remember much, but I am sure it is a night I will never forget.
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    16th Row Seats on the floor for the Who at ACC

    Looks like I have decided to go to England so I am looking to sell my seats. PM me with an offer. They were $270ish each. Best offer by Friday gets the tix.
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    Slimelight Sept 04

    That sums up my feelings. I began my boycott of the place earlier this summer when I was treated poorly at each opportunity for a staff member to talk to me. When you are 18 or 19 and going to a bar, perhaps you think that bars are supposed to be like that and you accept it. At 26, you know...
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    end of summer

    anyone who expected breathing room there should have been more prepared for what was obviously going to happen. that being said, no shit that no human being is going to like it. We spent much of the night trying to find a spot that did not turn into a high traffic area....not easy to find...
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    Stakka & Skynet

    VERY fierce beats, babylons behind the bar and a boppin crowd. Respect.
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    Eastern Bloc Warehouse Sale, Part 2!

    26 minutes to go before the sell a thon begins!