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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    You know luckman? I worked with that dude for a few years....what a character.
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    I downloaded and played it last night, and I totally agree with your summary. Another GOW rip-off but really good. The other issue I had was riding that big monster. It seemed really robotic. For me the skills tree was a bit confusing, but the magic...like that cross thing was really cool...
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Little Big Planet is not a bad game.
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    classy strip clubs in montreal

    Kamasutra is great! Went there last year for a bachelor party...small front area, but the private area in the back is very nice. Also...girls were hot...and very friendly. We went to Super Sexe after, and after 10 mins...we knew we made a mistake and should have stayed at Kamasutra.
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    FS Two Tickets for OVO Oct 17th 8pm

    I know...I wish I could go but I'm out of town on business. And stupid no refund, no exchange policy.
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    FS Two Tickets for OVO Oct 17th 8pm

    http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/ovo/default.aspx OVO in Toronto - Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 8:00 PM Tickets cost me $223.00 for the pair. Will sell for $180. Seats are section 203. Great seats with no one directly infront of you.
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    The songs of the night for me... Sunday Bloody Sunday - that green light show was trippy. With or without you - frigging amazing!
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    Network Administrator

    I have a friend looking to hire: In the Toronto area. Pay is $60K to $80K. Duties are along the Network Administrator lines. Specific duties will be running a Layer 2/3 network with RAD TDMoIP endpoints and also helping out as a tech for the BT Turret Trading Systems. Customers are Stock...
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    DJ Sneak - For the Ladies mix (Feb 2009)

    ok mix...but what is that track that comes in at 36:00min??!?!?! Love the bouncy vibe to it.
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    Where to buy MP3's. Lookin' for good selection

    I use this site...not bad...and it is free http://beemp3.com/
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    Metal Gear Solid 4-GOTP-PS3

    ......finished the game...great game. Selling it for $30bucks????? (regular edition not the collector edition) Will deliver anywhere in Canada!
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    Need Ideas for Company Events!

    We recently went to Mosport...classes, practice, then 3 races. It was 3-4 hours in total. Don't know how much it cost, but it was a really fun corporate event. http://www.mosport.com/karthome.htm Really fun go cart racing....bought pizza and wings.
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    Looking for a Credit Card

    American Express Holt Renfrew Card I put the majority of my expenses on it, and at the end of the year I cash out, and get around a $300-$400 gift card. I use it to buy christmas gifts. PC Mastercard with PC points I have a Superstore around the corner, so buying groceries there and getting...
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    Track ID request

    wow...thanks for all your help guys! I'll spend the evening looking around for a MP3. This "Tribe" thing is sooooo cool!
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    Track ID request

    I downloaded that version, but I don't think that is correct. The version I am looking for is a bit faster, and doesn't have any lyrics other than..."give it to me" but thanks anyways.
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    Track ID request

    Looking for a track. The sample is All American Girls (sister sledge) and/or Sex Bomb (Tom Jones) ...not the Mousse T version. The version and track I am looking for is just a loop of the main "give it to me" line. I have this track on a Robbie Rivera tape....circa 1999-2000.
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    you can also answer the phone accept the invitation, and then call them back in a few seconds to cancel the plans. They will not get upset.
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    cool, abstract, industrial, minimal paintings, where to buy?

    Check this site out...art based on your DNA. http://www.dna11.com/
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    i have a 42" 1080i Samsung DLP and a 32" Samsung LCD 1080p. The PS3 looks great on 1080i and 1080p (i can't see the difference)..i don't think there should be any issue on your 55" 1080i.
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    I've heard that the exclusive content is time sensitive. Like Unreal Tournament....Microsoft gets exclusivity for like 9 months and then it is available to PS3.