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    BE AWARE OF AREK TRIPLE SL .... RE: Reckless Girl

    hey, sorry bout that, gf and i split up in april, and i had to move out to my parents place, most of my stuff is still there, im really dreading going back there, but i will get all my stuff in the next week, since i have to, cause she's moving out at the end of the month
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    Contact info for Dr. Trance?

    Can't u just PM him your email? :P
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    16 records for sale, various genres

    I put suggested prices by each, but im open to negotiations, especially if buying more than one at a time. PM me if interested. 1. Cyngus X - Orange Theme (SOlar Stone Remix, Man With No Name Remix) 2000 Hooj Choons (Brand new, Original Sleeve) $17 2. White Label (????) Black HOle...
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    FS: canadian silver coings

    can someone edit "coings" to "coins" please, thanks :P
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    FS: canadian silver coings

    I got this set: http://www.iccoin.com/ca619wsiprse1.html in a special plastic case, they just sit there, i have no use for them $25 shippin included anywhere in canada. pm me or trade them for a couple "Scooter" records perhaps?
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    Clubbers fall under spell of Psytrance

    Astral Projection and more @ Motion Notion Festival July 16-18, 2004 in ALberta more info: www.motionnotion.com
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    looking for Scooter records...

    ..anyone got any???
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    FYI - Closing Sale - www.clubtracks.net

    are those prices CAD?
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    FS: DVD burner WTB: records

    I got a pioneer a06 4x dvd burner does + AND - asking $150 Im also looking for these tracks on vinyl: U96 - Das Boot push - universal nation u.s.u.r.a. - open your mind (dj quicksilver mix) matt darey feat. mashup - beautiful john the dentist - global phases dumonde - tommorow des...
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    wtb: car stereo

    hey... :P
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    Vintage light up store display Yogourt sign

    Apparently, this is vintage and worth something, at least a few people told me that. If someone knows any more about this let me know. I'm asking $125CAD for it, shipping included anywhere in Canada. Could be worth way more, apparently it's from now defunct company, I dunno I couldnt really...
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    FujiFilm 2650 Digital Camera + 128MB memory

    so im moving in with my gf and she already has a digicam, and i just ordered this.. so its brand new with warranty: The FinePix 2650 features a 2.0 million pixel imager that allows for printing sharp and colorful pictures up to 8 x 10 inches in size. One of the most competitively priced...
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    records for sale lot 3: various electronica

    ya... i guess this lot is mainly euro.. theres some hardcore and house too :p
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    records for sale lot 3: various electronica

    Asking $125 if bought in one lot (total value over $230) or if singles by prices stated by each record. Willing to negotiate. Free shipping if 3+ records are bought, otherwise $4 shipping for one record and $3 shipping for 2 records. PM me or MSN/email: eurmusic AT hotmail.com 1. Alexia - Me...
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    records for sale lot 2: various electronica

    Faithlesss - Take The Long Way Home (Rollin and Epic Mix) 1998 Cheeky Records UK $15 Astral Projection - Liquid Sun (Cass & Slides Rework, Album Mix) Automatic Records UK $20 Astral Projection - Solid Electronics Astral Projection - Nilaya NovaTekk Germany $20...
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    Older Rap & R&B records for sale

    asking $90 for all... or for singles as prices stated... willing to negotiate... 1. MC Hammer - Dancin' Machine (Funk Mix, Funky Club) MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (LP Version, Video, Instrumental) 1990 Capitol Records $17 2. The 2 Live Crew - European Ultimix THe 2 Live Crew - The...
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    Used 1200s fo sale

    will you drop em off in regina, sk? :P