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    Teeloo/Kenny/Sneak @ Banzai

    This party was a reminder of why I love living in this city. Sneak for $5, the music was groovey and fortunately they ran out of rum so I don't have to work from home today.
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    Happy BDAY DESTRO!!!

    Happy B-day to tribes #1 vinyl trainspotter!
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    bedbugs in T.O!

    Someone told me that the best protection from Bedbugs is to never sleep and stay off those shady couches at parties
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    The Apprentice 3

    Is it me, or does Trumps advisor Catherine(?) seem to be getting younger looking with every episode? I don't remember that elastic-looking dimple from Apprentice II By Apprentice IV she'll be like 18 years old.
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    Someone said Robitussin to me

    If 'God Bless You' = "Robitusson" and Robitusson = Big Business Then GOD = Big Business Since I went to Western, this sounds right to me.
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    What do you believe in but cannot prove?

    Premonition. Ghosts. Although i'm not convinced that they were actually living people at some point.
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    Desperate Housewives

    At first I thought this show was a lame 'Sex in City" rip off. But I gotta admit, the show is alright. It's no TWIN PEAKS, but it's got a dark edge and some hotness thrown in for good measure. It's watchable. How old is Nicolette Sherdan anyway? I figure she's gotta be like 55 or...
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    My dad has YES greatest hits Rick Wakeman had some hair going on
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    Happy Birthday to the one and only Janiecakes

    Hey JC, Have a great B-day! I only know you from this board... but regardless i've always been a fan of your posts. Cheers.
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    getting revenge on someone that owes you money???

    i hope u got that in writing. My parents lent my 'inheritance' intended for my university education to a close family friend. He died in motorcycle accident and his wife refused to pay us back. They told me a few months before I left for Western. Nice, eh? Since my parents are stoopid and...
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    I need a good funny cat name...

    Pussy Galore Furby Kit Cat
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    Phone rings (long distance)... and no one's there?

    Yeah, it sounded like Boris & Natasha from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon. I thought it was one of my friends fukkin around
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    Rebel Billionaire

    er....what part of the show demonstrates that money isn't everything? I think I saw half of the program-- tea on top of hot air balloon, jet setting to Hong Kong...
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    How do people get my number for text spam?

    Some crappy clubs will scan your drivers license when you provide them ID, and then SAVE the address information in order to send you worthless flyers in the mail.
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    Adbusters "We're Back" issue

    I wish they kept the old adbusters price. Its doubled!
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    Remembrance Day

    Is anyone going to the memorial on Thursday? Half my office is going.
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    *** Sneak Bday...***

    My only regret was dancing too close to the speakers during Farina. A bunch of water bottles and cups came crashing down on me, courtesy of those relentless basslines. Great crowd. I left just before the sketch-hour, so I didn't see any drama. Just a lot of up-for-it people tearing shit up.
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    Danny aka DVS (clean yer box son!)

    I'd like to know why 32 other people viewed this thread. What were they expecting to see?
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    Toyota's New DJ/Party Mobile!!

    Pfft. There's no VIP room. yeah and where the hell is the engine located?