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    Apologies, not posted here in Long time........ Nothing too obscure, Just some floor friendly edits from my last show. I had the honour to host the legends below. Enjoy Dave Gerrard (UK) Soultronic (DE) Fred Berthet (FR)
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    soul /Disco/ Re-edits/ Slo mo

    https://soundcloud.com/buddhadeeprecords/ash-b-meattransmission Recent Mix I did for UK's MEATtransMisison Radio Kan Sano - Everybody loves the sunshine William Devaughn - Be thankful. Disco Double Dee - Straight up. Nicholas - Talking about love. KS French - Back to your love...
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    Slo-Mo House and stuff.

    Happy Friday https://soundcloud.com/buddhadeeprecords/buddhadeeprecords-gingerminx 1. Yse Saint Lau'rant - Warm wind brewing 2. Goti & Dubshape - Every Cow has a bird 3. Deadly Sins - Close to you 4.Burnt Island Casuals - Scotch hop 5.Eddie C- Deepa 6.Eddie C-Starlight (Ft...
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    Maceo Plex Set Help wanted

    Dearest Tribe Crate Diggers/Downloaders New mix from Maceo Plex. Some amazing tunes Need help in ID'ing, spent all day trying to find the track which comes in around the 3 min mark - Hunter Games - Blue earth??? Cant find it anywhere, some other cracking tunes on here too. Any Help would...
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    I've not forgotten, Im just trying to kick start the Ext-Hard Drive it's on. Swear Im gonna do the drop kick test on it later.
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    Hello Give me a couple of days, need to find the Hard drive with it on.
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    Keeping Disco Alive in Manchester 2 Billion Beats - Secret Sub-Disco by Paper Recordings on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Here is the debut EP from Manchester producers Tom Lonsboroough and Col Hamilton, known as 2 Billion Beats with the Musics Alfresco EP...
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    Chubbs Punch + Pie As Promised Only gonna be up for 5 days. So grab it quick buddhadeeprecords.com
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    Hey up, It's going back up for 5 days. will be back up in the next few hours.
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    Chubbs Punch and Pie Mix

    You requested, so we rewind!! See original Punch and Pie Thread for New Link Cheers
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    Been following this site for some years now. Thought I'd give you guys something back. This mix introduced me to some amazing tunes, especially Final Fantasy!! Thanks again for all the mixes you guys bang on here. Im gonna sign off before I get all emotional. Thanks again. Im gonna quietly...