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    Banning Uber: More bullshit coming from the City of Toronto

    I read the calgary bylaw requirements for Uber and don't understand why it makes it impossible for them to operate. $220 a year licensing fee doesn't seem too crazy. How much does an annual car inspection cost?
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    Survivor Brains v. Brawn v. Beauty Round 2

    ya, i wonder who changed their vote? She seems useless but that usually buys you time on this show. Maybe they thought darnell and the bodybuilder could become too tight for obvious reasons.
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    Survivor 30: World's Apart AKA Class Warfare

    I love how everyone exagerates what they do. Is a Talent Agent Assistant white collar? There's a big diff between Lloyd and Ari on entourage. Tyler kinda looks like digweed.
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    Jian Ghomeshi?

    How do you use safewords when you're being choked out or a ball gag in your mouth? BDSM should consider adopting the UFC's tap out method.
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    Jian Ghomeshi?

    I'm not sure Cee Lo Green would agree.
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    Jian Ghomeshi?

    Not sure how admitting he's into bdsm helps his cause. It's like an accused pedophile saying they love barely legal porn. Its not illegal but it doesn't help public perception.
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    Jian Ghomeshi?

    he's still choked up over the loss of his father.
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    Jian Ghomeshi?

    "The woman said she complained about Ghomeshi’s behaviour to her union representative, who took the complaint to a Q producer. As the woman recalls, the producer asked her “what she could do to make this a less toxic workplace” for herself." Obviously she should have made herself less...
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    Gunman At Parliament Hill

    Why are we preventing these people from leaving to fight in Syria? Let them leave, hopefully to never return. They should be collecting their passports at the airport and waving good bye.
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    Crossover Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Charged With Girlfriend's Murder

    How could he have been that scared when he has a loaded gun in his hand and the doors closed? Obviously in that situation he has the upper leg.
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    anyone know who this guy is ?

    The bus didn't seem that crowded. And how did someone instantly have their camera out to record the exchange. It wasn't all that heated. Something seems off about this.
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    Blue Jays 2014

    Can anyone watching on tv explain why bautista was called out at 2nd today? looked pretty convincing on the jumbo tron that he was safe.
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    Blue Jays vs Athletics - Sun May 25th (4 tics)

    Have 4 tics to the Toronto - Oakland game on Sunday May 25th. Section 231L (the padded seats), Row 10, Seat 105 - 108. Paid: $233 (58.25 each) Asking $200 for all 4. Its replica jersey give away day! darrengannon at hotmail.com
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    This is the producers explanation as to why Hanna didn't make any attempt to disquise herself in Miami: EW: Since Hannah’s a wanted fugitive, couldn’t she have at least put on a ball cap when walking around Miami? BUCK: We played with the idea of dyeing her hair. In the research we did on...
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    Yeah its gotten pretty ridiculous. Like Harrison is going to spend the night with Jamie and not mention that he's going to Argentina with Dad and Hanna? Or why would Hanna take the kid to the hospital and not wear a ball cap and glasses? WHy hasn't she dyed her hair at least? Why wouldn't...
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    yeah, possibly. They're definitely not the type to move to a gated community or buy an island and drink cocktails all day. "Still gonna eat kraft dinner, they'll just eat more." Just happened a little fast for my liking. Seemed like it was the next day.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    Also these guys have just started production. Its not like they've been clearing big money for some time and are accustomed to it.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    They didn't react like it was nothing. They reacted like red necks that had just won the lottery.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    If I'm a red neck that had just found/taken 70 million dollars its highly unlikely I'd be too concerned with cooking the next batch.
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    if you smoke a rock once or twice a week that probably doesn't make up for 3tubs of KFC.