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    Wet Hot American Summer

    Worst Movie Ever
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    good movies?

    Rent the movie BROTHER!! if you like gangster movies this one is awesome!!
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    ******for Sale: 70+ Booty Records!!!!******

    I'm selling a crate of booty records, which contain around 70 records, give or take a few. The style varies, from dj funk style to more hard house style of booty, to more oldschool 80's rap booty, to booty with a break beat. I'm only selling them as a complete whole, i'm not selling them...
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    Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    In Canada, if your sentece to life you may be eligible for PAROLE after 25 years, and if you dont get it then your in jail for life.
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    does anyone know where i can download icq 99 or 2000? i formatted my computer and i dont want to use 2001 thanks alot!!!!
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    funniest movie ever!!!

    Wet Hot American Summer is THE worst MOVIE EVER!!! i would have gotten more laughs watching WINGS than i would that piece of shit.