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    your first concert.

    Kool & The Gang - Ontario Place Forum 1985 http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/final-note-james-j-t-taylor-lead-singer-of-kool-and-the-gang-strutted-picture-id502520101
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    She had the intelligence, creativity and ability, if she didn't stab you in a vital organ

    Rosemarie Junor ID'd as Shoppers Drug Mart PATH stabbing victim - Toronto - CBC News
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    Question about commuting

    Yonge & Sheppard, solve all of your problems.... Central to all of GTA. Direct subway access - half hour to finanical district/downtown. The lonnnnng stops people (usually former rural dwellers) complain about are not that bad at all. IT'S A HALF HOUR SUBWAY COMMUTE - that's nothing when...
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    Job Search sites

    Indeed - best job search engine I've come across. Job Search | one search. all jobs. Indeed.com
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    Best albums of 2011, thus far....

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    World Cup 2010.

    Like where? Can't use CBC because I'm on a US internet service provider, and ESPN is not working out! Been searching all morning....lol.
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    Olympics: CTV vs. CBC

    Nothing wrong with CTV's coverage. I will say they're doing a good job (esp with the quantity of channels), but since this is about medals and good ol' competition..... CBC - gold CTV - silver/bronze
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    Nag Champa incense in the East end.

    Billy....lol. I was looking for some myself. Anyone know a place in North York, or Toronto overall? Otherwise, I'll be making the trip to Little India!
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    Olympics: CTV vs. CBC

    CBC by far. Much classier and greatly organized.
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    Giambrone admits affair

    So basically you'd prefer to vote for someone with loyalty issues, while at the same time leaking certain job information? I'd rather vote for the five year coke addiction dude. Loyalty counts. On top of that, I wouldnt want to vote for someone that forgets his speech notes.....lol. There...
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    Lets Hear it For the Boys!

    LOL and you're welcome. I do think my answer is most accurate, judging from what I've seen from men in general. Most seem dependant. Perhaps they marry quick because they realize what they had before, and since there is no returning, do what they should've done with the new girl...
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    Lets Hear it For the Boys!

    The replies in this thread are making men look too good......lol. Sure, some move on and find a great girl. Others marry quick because they quickly find out that they can't live on their own, need a caregiver, or are simply impatient.
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    All set for the storm? I am!

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    Nobody Cares...

    Congrats! :)
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    Toronto gets Pan Am Games 2015

    Now some chick will come up to your car asking to go for a dip.
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    Toronto gets Pan Am Games 2015

    Right on dude...... Right on!
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    Toronto gets Pan Am Games 2015

    It is world class. It's just that your attitude is world ass. Won't be here 6 years? Why wait? Talk about a low & steady decline......
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    Toronto gets Pan Am Games 2015

    Again, it's this attitude that keeps Toronto down. If you're so over this city, you have other options, but don't keep someone like me down - especially when I support our city winning something. I've been acting like an idiot in this thread because I'm happy we'll be hosting this event...
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    Toronto gets Pan Am Games 2015

    Talking about the member's location, not the group.