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    Dirty Box Ira!

    done and done. Housekeeping has never been my forté.
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    Fave tunes of last year?

    "Smokey Bastard" by Cedric Benoit. soo funky
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    :: Old Ass Tape Alert :: The Electrician: CircuitBreaker 1999

    Wes, On of my fav tapes of all time, I still have it, but alas no working tape player anymore. Thanks for posting the link.
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    My Top 25 mix

    I rate the tune that comes after it on that record. But the whole LP is awsome. The one "...if you ain't here to dance then get the fuck off the dancefloor!"
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    ?Where can ya get UKG records around here?

    For those of you who don't remember Caff, He used to throw sundays at Beat Junkie, he was the big friendly guy who used to throw down all the time. Glad to see you're still into ukg man. Peace, Ira
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    only 1000 posts behind the trance room

    All hail our newest radio celeb! Can't wait to hear your show Neil. :) ez
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    So i got a few tracks signed...

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    Todd Edwards SUCKS!!!!

    Quit making fun of my brashhesssshhhhhhhhh *drool* 4:4 no more! Big up tha shuffle!
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    The Neil Young appreciation thread.

    The whole "Harvest" album is fantastic. Love the orchestra on "Man Needs A Maid."
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    the MJ COLE appreciation thread...!!

    Pure talent. If you can't appreciate his music, there's something wrong with you. ;)
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    Two StepsForward back on air!

    Guest set from Butcha!! (REMI XO on here) enjoy.
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    Grime / 4x4 / 2-step

    Bry said it best... anything that's Crispy. that having been said, always loved 2step. Anything with fuct drum patterns, a good shuffely beat. Havn't found too much production as of late that gets me excited. ez
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    shin dig very much needed

    I would be if I wasn't working all the time. dah well
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    Lil' Timmy loves.......this much(caption contest)

    "Although budget was an issue in Spiderman 2, Dr. Octagon was as frightening as fans imagined (pictured above)." Cheers,
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    Two StepsForward back on air!

    Guest Set! July 6th, special guest set from DJ Thundah (username Tuesdays Father). for more info pm him, or email tuesdaysfather_at_hotmail.com Cheers, Ira
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    The Dirt Bike Kid needs to play out more!

    Glad to see a very deserving dj get some respect. Dave, keep rockin' it. msg to any who don't know about this man: Find out! Go see him play! For sure to be a Toronto fav, if he's not already!!! Peace Ira
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    Two StepsForward back on air!

    Two Steps Forward Playlist for June 15, 2004 1. Unknown – Sunshine Bonus – MASKED UP 2. F.O.S. Project – Check It! – WHITE 3. Mr. Rrrider – Ladies Cru (Jess Jackson Vocal Mix) – WHITE 4. Goldie – Believe (Bump & Flex Club Mix) – WYZE 5. Unknown – Hobsons Choice – WHITE 6. DND ft. Sweetie...
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    NAME THAT TUNE !!!! (a game)

    Modest Mouse - Polar Opposites
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    Two StepsForward back on air!

    Sorry for the long wait on a new show, but as of yesterday a new set is up. Tracklist coming soon. Peace Ira
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    Speed Garage Sets

    link not working