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    Architecture - coolest building evarrr

    When I was in NYC this past summer there was an amazing exhibit at the MOMA in Queens called Tall Buildings. It was filled with models of the biggest buildings ever built or proposed, including all the models for the proposals for whatever will be going into the World Trade Center site. Did...
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    Six Feet Under: Season 5

    Oops... I forgot about that. Well... whether or not George mentioned it, she jumped right in and married the guy. And I suppose I meant it more as like, well deal with the situation you've got. She's obviously exasperated, but this is just another in a long string of tough parts of her life...
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    Six Feet Under: Season 5

    Well... living temporarily in the states does have it's advantages. So? Tonights episode? Anybody's thoughts? Nate & Brenda - Non-existent! There was little to no interaction after the opening sex scene. Brenda is looking for trouble I think trying to do any kind of internship at the moment...
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    iPod - advice on where/what to buy

    I spent a month researching before I got mine. There are MANY options out there. You can really tailor what you need to what you can get. I would suggest checking out reviews before you buy. Epinions
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    what the hell is...

    Gonzo porn is like Gonzo journalism. Basically right off the cuff. Porn at the spur of the moment.
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    Pink Floyd to reunite?

    Wish You Were Here Animals Obscured by Clouds Relics The Wall
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    iPod - advice on where/what to buy

    Dont use iPod... check this out: Digital Mind Corp. Up to 100 gigs!!! I have one and it works great.
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    Pink Floyd to reunite?

    Did anybody else go see Roger Waters when he played at Molson Amphitheatre a couple years ago? That show fuckin ROCKED!! I would die and go to heaven right there if I could see the whole band together again. I am probably be the biggest Floyd freak I know. I've got every album either on...
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    Acoustic Guitar Advice and Help?

    Go to Steve's Music. They've got guitars from a whole range of prices. I picked one up a couple years ago for $160 that lasted for a good while. You get what you pay for.
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    Most obscure music paraphernalia you own?

    Ooh... I nearly forgot: I have an original print of the picture from the back of Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left... the one where Nick is standing against a brick wall and this guy is all blurry running past him. (#5 in a series of 30) I also have a nice original photographer's print of Bob...
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    +One Way Car Rental Services+

    I recently looked into this, as I was trying to move stuff down to San Diego from Toronto, but no companies will do one way travel accross the border. I would suggest trying Thrifty. They were really good, and well-priced. I went to the one at Yonge and Erskine. Budget also should offer one...
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    Most obscure music paraphernalia you own?

    Autographed by the whole band backstage pass to Catherine Wheel at the Warehouse. Tombstone chalk rubbing of Jimi Hendrix's grave. Pink Floyd video: La Carrera Panamerica Pink Floyd video: Syd Barrett tripping out on acid in the woods with his buddies
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    Britney Spears ripped off Louis Armstrong!

    Well "My Perogative" isn't her song either. It's called a COVER, people. Is it so freakin surprising that Britney isn't doing original work?
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    Six Feet Under: Season 5

    Just so I'm not going crazy and missed a season, this is Season 4, right? I thought it was a very strong start as well. I don't think it was so heavy that they can't wrap stuff up in another 12 episodes. Hell... they could do it in one. I think it's funny how Ruth comes and goes from...
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    Who was your favorite GI Joe

    Ummm.... SNAKEYES!! He didn't have to say a thing and he was still the coolest.
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    I need some quick jokes... aka the joke thread

    Two old men are talking, and one tells the other... Whenever I fight with my wife, I always get the last word. "Yes dear." - and - It's an old man's 90th birthday and some of his friends thought it would be funny if they got him a hooker. So she shows up at his front door and rings the...
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    recommend mp3 recorder?

    I do. The only thing I can tell you is basically the same thing as Lil Timmy. Can't check the volume during recording, but if you set it up properly the recording does sound great.
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    To all you fuckers who download music and dont pay...

    The issue is completely with dishonest thieves. I will fully admit that I download music, and have often downloaded pirated full version games. I am not innocent. It seems like several issues are at play here. Just like there is a big gap between rich and poor, there is a big gap between...
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    recommend mp3 recorder?

    Digital Mind Corp.
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    17 year old breaks dj, kills it!

    Ooh... BURN!