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    Doug Ford, #jail2023

    Pretty sure the Red Cross is an impartial humanitarian organization that has nothing to do with religion.
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    Yeah it's just assholes trolling the neighbourhoods for sure. The worst part is that they have no idea what they are doing and just rip it out of the ground weeks before it's ready to harvest. So whoever they are going to sell it to is going to end up with some shitty ass weed that could have...
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    Nice!!! I had one that had purple buds like that. It was a Skunk Beard clone. I was so excited for that one. Unfortunately last Friday night some fucking punks jumped the fence and ripped that one and a White Widow right out of my garden. They were weeks away from being ready to harvest. F'n...
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    Trump Presidency

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    New virus-proof suit will let people attend EDM festivals.

    Where does the straw go?
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    Doug Ford, #jail2023

    Did you miss that whole thing a few months ago when Ford was taking credit for lower gas prices? As if he fulfilled one of his campaign promises? Yet gas prices were down all over the country (and pretty much the whole world). Anyway. If you actually bought his propaganda (which it seems like...
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    Doug Ford, #jail2023

    Meanwhile, yet another Ford Crony gets a plum extremely overpaid unnecessary position. This job paid $5k last year. Now a failed PC candidate has the honour of doing it for $140k. Gravy train out of control. Ford government appoints failed PC candidate as first full-time EQAO chair
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    Trump Presidency

    And, of course, here's students at Covington dressed up in blackface taunting a black basketball player which, apparently, is a thing they have done often.
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    Trump Presidency

    If you'd like your own kid to apply to this fine institution (or if you would rather just send them a direct message with your thoughts), click on the application link below! REQUEST INFO - Covington Catholic High School
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    Rule #12

    Coming straight from the keyboard of one of TRIBE's biggest trolls. ;)
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    your first concert.

    First live show was Platinum Blonde playing a free concert at Victoria Park in London in 1987. First real concert was The Cult with Lenny Kravitz opening in 1992 at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.
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    Will Const. James Forcillo get off for gunning down Sammy Yatim?

    It's not over yet. He's one technicality away from freedom, really. As the police pointed out, he hasn't been convicted, only found guilty (of the bullshit charge, not the real ones), and he hasn't been sentenced yet. I'm sure the police union are paying for the best lawyers in this case.
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    Royal Bank of Scotland says " SELL EVERYTHING "

    Yes but you will get the chance to compose a solid German tekno beat while you're there.
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    Paris Friday the 13th terrorist attacks

    Since Praktik has turned this into 'Conspiracy Thread 2.0', I might just add this here. Seems rational. PKIK8dlEsHg
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    2015 Federal Election.

    Is he ready to step down?
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Haha... Saw a DJ wearing this at Panorama Bar/Berghain in Berlin last summer. Only I didn't see the "boys don't cry" part until later & I got angry. Had a good laugh when I saw the rest of it. :)
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    Hip Hop guys are saying SICK

    Feelin sick? Betta call 911. CPNK0VspQ0M
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    Rowdy Roddy Piper RIP

    What a beautiful, heartfelt eulogy from the Iron Shiek. Oh the memories! :D (fast forward to 30 seconds for this treat) fyHhscWCKDU
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    All things Mike Patton

    Damn! I totally saw him on the north (westbound) Go Train platform at the Ex while waiting on a friend just before the show. He walked up towards Liberty Village and by the time I realized it was him for sure, he was gone. Would have been nice to say hello. The show was great, although...
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    Helix the TV show reviews?

    Is it anything like this? UzAfxQOqoNI