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  1. J

    Free Vintage Wood Wardrobe

    Downsizing some stuff after moving into a smallish condo. Giving away a wardrobe. OK condition considering it is probably 50 years old. Check the CL post for pics and details. I am at Sackville/Dundas for P/U. You would need a truck or SUV I think due to size, but the piece is quite...
  2. J

    Thread for Sleep Help Recommendations for Baby

    Hi girls, My friend had her second baby a few months ago and is having serious sleep challenges. She would like to hire a sleep doula to help. I was wondering if anybody can recommend anybody. Please post here in this thread or PM me. Yes I know we discuss this in the mom thread, bu I...
  3. J

    Last Halloween I was a panther because I couldn't find an ocelot costume

    I'm being a nun this year. Kinda hard to confuse that one.
  4. J

    The Documentary Thread

    watching "Pageant" Pageant (2008) - IMDb it is fun
  5. J

    witnessing traumatic events

    Yeah that would be super traumatic. Hope the driver got crisis counselling (and also anyone on the streetcar that witnessed the accident that needs it). I read something that receiving crisis counselling right away after such traumas can help prevent PTSD later.
  6. J


    pumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeerpumpkinbeer It's that time of year again! Saw some in the LCBO at Danforth/Broadview yesterday!
  7. J

    My concept album my gift to you: Chili Banks - "Astounding Science Fiction" LP

    imma check it out on itunes. (I know itunes is not as cool as beatport, but I find the prices way better and I like how it integrates with serato library)
  8. J

    Gym etiquette and general info.

    can finally do pull-ups (overhand/pronated) grip! realized a few days ago i can do 3 consecutive from dead hang. I know it doesn't sound impressive at only 3, but i have been working on getting to this point for a long time. have been able to do chin-ups for a few months so happy to be able...
  9. J

    I think I'm haunted...

    Just sayin' Family Who Thought House Was Haunted by Ghosts Finds Out Scarier Truth (VIDEO) | The Stir
  10. J


    I like Baron Baptiste but have never studied under him - he is one of the pioneers of "power yoga" in the States. His parents were yoga teachers back in the early days so he grew up around a lot influential yogis.
  11. J

    The Mom Thread

    Is it teething? We had some bad nights where kids weren't sleeping and ended up in our bed but then they later sprouted a tooth. After it happened a few times we started giving tylenol before bed during bad teething times.
  12. J

    The I don't want babies thread

    When you have kids, life as you know it is pretty much over and life becomes all abou the kids. Good for you for recognizing you are where you want to be and don't need kids to feel complete. Nothing wrong with that.
  13. J

    When will tribe die?

    yes - not summer without it
  14. J


    I've known Matthew for a few years now and been following the WAWDIA project since he first wrote about it. It has given me some good context and info to consider, especially the story about Diane Bruni. Matthew is a great writer. I always feel smarter after reading his work.
  15. J

    Pre-Internet slang and phrases

    Basicaly any slang from late 80s and early 90s gnarly dude!
  16. J

    The Mom Thread

    could baby be teething? teething + sleep training would totally work against eachother
  17. J

    witnessing traumatic events

    I saw someone jump off a bridge on Saturday (Gerrard St.) - well not the actual jump but afterwards. A few bystanders who saw the whole thing were looking over the edge saying "there he is" or something like that. I was riding by on my bike in the bike lane just as the first cop car pulled...
  18. J

    How do I stop my neighbor from playing the same stupid song over and over all day long?

    I gonna go out on my own here and say...just live with it. We live in the city, close to neighbours. There's noise from every day lives of the people around us, and sometimes we hear it. Is it the end of the world? Just get used to that and realize that it's all a wash in the end, like...
  19. J

    Back2Toronto Promo Mix - Jocelyn Dee - dnb/jungle

    https://soundcloud.com/jocelyndee/back2to-jocelyndee-promo 00:00 High Contrast - Twilight's Last Gleaming 00:14 SIGMA - Baltimore 05:59 NETSKY - I Refuse (ShockOne remix) 09:14 Trinity - Mechanical Baby 11:56 Zinc - Creeper 14:11 Blue Sonix - Luv Me - Logistics remix 17:04 Danny Byrd - Rise...
  20. J

    The Mom Thread

    Do you have to stay right in the city or are you mobile (have a car to drive places). If you drive, you can go to Wasaga Beach/Collingwood. In the city: I think that Centre Island would be good. You can check out Centreville. They have some rides good for munchkins. Also, you can buy...