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    waves of desire [oct :4 : 2004]

    waves of desire [oct :4 : 2004] www.soulstreamnetworks.com with ion, playlist in no particular order: Eddie Matos " All In The Groove " Ultrasound Rulers of the Deep " Advantage " Distance Darren Duvall " Truckstop Love " Missionary Dj Gregory " Triby " Faya Combo Ame " Nia " Sonar...
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    nice little site for soulful underground music...

    www.soulstreamnetworks.com check out the schedule for live shows, no new archives of the shows available at the moment but I'm positive they'll back shorty too.
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    Alexi Delano @ Earthdance

    hey all, sorry for not responding earlier but haven't had a chance to get on the net until now. First off, we have to appologize to everyone who came out to see Alexi, and did not get what they came for. It happens to any promoter that's been doing this for a while and now our turn has...
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    Alexi Delano (A.D.N.Y.)

    Steve is right... this venue is amazing!!! I am pretty sure that all of you will be pleasantly surprised with how nice this venue is! Anyways things are looking great weather wise for this saturday. Looks like we will have atleast one great outdoor party left this year!! G
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    Timewriter & Terry Lee Brown Jr.

    hey guys, nice to see a little buzz about this guy and we're just as excited to have him come down...so let's get down proper and show Alexi some T.O. love for the man. by the way...check out www.random-dynamics.com for his lates projects...some wicked smooove business coming soon on RD...
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    Funky Filtered House, jo'func & jsin, “The House that Func Built”

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    Waves Of Desire on SoulstreamNetworks.com

    sorry if you we're trying to download the archives and couldn't get the link to work...all is good now, so check out the archives at www.soulstreamnetworks.com
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    Waves Of Desire on SoulstreamNetworks.com

    Here is the playlist for our show on aug. 23/04. Hope you all enjoy! If you missed it you can check out the archive by downloading it off of www.soulstreamnetworks.com! 1st hour Dj Ion: 01. Viivu - The way you make me feel(Julm tribal workout) (NRK)* 02. Matthew Johnson - Love letter to...
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    Cevin Fisher @ Roxy this friday

    we still have some spots left on our reduced list for those of you planning on hitting the jam tonight. hit us up at info@desireproductions.ca!!
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    I think we should have a tribe ladies night.

    Been out of town for awhile. Tribe ladies night huh. WHEN AND WHERE!!! The Desire Boyz are in %100!! if we can!
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    Cevin Fisher @ Roxy this friday

    well for those of you that are interested in coming and want some reduced g-list, email your names and +'s to info@desireproductions.ca. We've seen Cevin play some pretty dope sets, but we both missed the first industry reunion jam, hopefully he will be back in his usual fine form!
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    Grand Opening of a new downtown outdoor location!!

    Here we go, come early and enjoy the sunset...only steps away from the beer fest...afterparty anyone?;)
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    karizma@roxy blu

    still some spots left on the reduced list, hit us up at info@desireproductions.ca. going fast!!
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    karizma@roxy blu

    oh yea...you can see more of the club in the gallery @ www.soulstreamnetworks.com salud!
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    karizma@roxy blu

    The crowd should be mixed...whatever that means...Roxy is THE club for house music in the city...I has been the staple of finest deep/soulful/underground music and now kicking it up a beat or two with the Defected series, it should be a mix of heads and the usuall Roxy suspects with some Tribers...
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    ~*...hello...thank you...cheers...*~

    Estonian: hello = tere thank you = aitäh cheers = terviseks
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    turntabalism mixed w/ comedy!!

    www.awesomeclub.com/soundtrack/soundtrackflyer.gif, or you can check out www.soundtrackproject.com. This should be really cool to check out. Never heard of anything like this before, how about you?
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    Kerri Chandler @ Revival

    All I got to say is "Shit man that was the best night I have had in a long time". Kerri Chandler was in top form, playing deep, hard, techy at some points. Rene and Carl are the SHIT!! for bringing this guy down. Hope to see him again soon! If you missed this you missed out HUGE!! Got to sleep...
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    Kerri Chandler!!!! Revival wed. 30th

    :D :D :D :D We'll see ya there!!
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    achtung designers!

    well, i like the fact that they put more thought into it than just a static page... here's a few from their portfolio that i think are not overdone. http://exorcistthebeginning.warnerbros.com/ http://www.christopherlawrence.com/ http://www.liquidintelligence.com/ http://www.philipkoether.com/