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    Nobody Cares...

    Go to Shamba if you can! I haven't been in years but I hear it's still awesome. I bought an awesome john deere hat at the farmer's market today. yeeehaw!
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    The Mom Thread

    Congrats V_4_P :) In a mother's day miracle Holly slept in until 7am (usually gets up at 6-6:15). Happy Mothers day everyone !
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    The Birth Control Thread!

    The mirena is partially a hormonal method and partially a physical method (whereas the copper IUD is purely a physical mechanism). The doses of progesterone hormones the mirena emits are much smaller than a typical bc pill, this is because the progesterone effect is localized to the uterus and...
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    The Mom Thread

    Thanks for the posts re-assuring me about Holly's crib climbing :) She hasn't done it since so hopefully that's it. A friend of mine just had a 10 pound boy a couple of days ago. 10 pounds! Good gravy.
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    Skoal vs. Copenhagen

    There is a big thread about snus here: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=2966904 Haven't read it because I'm not interested in tobacco, but it may be useful. When I first saw the word "snus" I thought it referenced sex from Futurama where the amazon women sentence death...
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    The Mom Thread

    Aww that's cute and funny. Yesterday Holly discovered how to pull herself over the side of her crib. She didn't get too hurt but did scare herself falling. I put the crib down one more level (to it's lowest!) but that's only bought me another 1.5 inches. So there are piles of sleeping bags...
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    The Mom Thread

    Sounds corny, but something that got me through some of the worst sleep-deprived times was thinking about when Holly would be a teenager and would be sleeping in super late to my annoyance I'm sure. Plus when they are little and awake you can get lots of hugs (I imagine they'll be a lot less...
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    The Mom Thread

    Hi De-Loveley - Janie is spot on, 7.5 weeks old was sort of the "peak" of the tough times I found (the first 3 months are rough but honestly it does get significantly easier after that). Sorry no real advice beyond that, but enjoy the sling time as best you may :) My 15 month old is getting too...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    Aww boo Grumblegirl :( *hug* I went for the mirena 6weeks post-partum and haven't had one in basically 2 years now.
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    put a Donk on it!

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this treads contents :thumbsup:
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    The Mom Thread

    Skyparty I would so take you up if you were in kitchener/waterloo! Man I wish there were some other tribemoms in kw.
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    The CUTEST baby pic thread

    DLB - I love the pic with the cat chilling in the excersaucer and Gaby is like "hey whatcha doing in there?" Jennika - does Ben like his dancing Brobee? Holly saw it at a friends house and was quite apprehensive. Holly is 14 months, time flies...
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    The Mom Thread

    Sorry mcbee. That is tough :(
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    The Mom Thread

    Miles is a cutie - congrats Jellifamily
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    who was luvslife? and I miss kmac and Iggy

    OMG Iggy she beat me up in a bathroom
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    Nobody Cares...

    I just added blip.fm...anyone else on there? I'm seriously addicted.
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    The anti-whining/bitching/moaning thread

    Good for you sk8, hope it all works out
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    The Mom Thread

    lol I think Holly is catching on that I only pretend to eat the cheerios she fishes out from under the couch to share with me.
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    Welcome to your Carlsberg years- Ladies Edition

    This thread is awesome - I get mad when the thermostat gets turned up in my house, put on a sweater! - I'm someones mom and I say mom shit ('be careful', 'do you think that is a good idea?') all the time - Started shopping the vintages section of the LC, stopped thinking it was ridiculous...
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    The Mom Thread

    Thanks Gemini and Janie - I'm not going to sweat the bottle yet :)