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    Your top 5 techno tracks of all time

    Octive One-The Collective Ep/Lp-430 West(Some Great Early D Town) Derrick May-The Dance G-Man-Quo Vadis Marco Carola-Track 8 From Fokus PlastiK Man-Helikopter or Plasticine It's hard to really pin down top five of anything but these are all fav's. Ben
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    I'm down Fer Sure, some of my favorite nights ever have been at Ninja Tune shows!!!. Anybody remember the first time Coldcut came here with Funki Porchini?. What a great night. I remember a drum and bass mix of Mirror In The Bathroom!!!!. Or what about Coldcut and Kid Koala on 6-8 turntables...
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    The Bravery - Oct.11

    Me Too!!!!, maybe we all go for drinks before hand? B
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    DJ T (Get Physical)

    I'm so down, details please!!!!!!!!!
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    Jay Tripwire - good / bad?

    Sorry forgot to log out. That message was from me!! Cheers Ben
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    As pink said it was a good show. Mr. Osborne picked up a lawn ticket for $40 on our way in!!!. All of us had fun singing along to both bands. Encore song was Gigantic-not 100% but I think that was it. The Pixies played a lot of tracks from Doolittle-one of my favs. It was a hit parade...
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    Pixies & Weezer this Saturday!

    Me and Mrs. Pink will be on the Lawn too!!! Cheers Ben
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    Big Jacks' Records Stolen

    Rule of thumb, never ever leave records in car. I have heard so many horror stories-Even if you got to lug them up fifty flights of stairs do it. It sucks but I would rather have my arms fall off from carrying them then loose a crate or two. I feel for you and I hope you get each and every...
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    M.A.N.D.Y. @ footwork?

    What a great night. So many great people, fantastic music by everybody that played. Joel and Steph, thanks for another great night at your club. As for the music selecta's:Andrew warmed things up nice, geat set buddy. M.A.N.D.Y. just destroyed me, flawless mixing and dope tunes all night...
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    Tiefschwarz (basti Schwarz Dj Set) @ Boa

    Well, I just want to say thanks to everybody who came out to support the night. Special thx to my friends who were in attendance and those who couldn't make it out, your love and support means the world to me. I hope everybody enjoyed Basti of Tiefschwarz as much as Ian and I did. He...
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    Yes they have-in response to the 4am start time!!!. Take the old disco nap as mentioned above and roll in around 1am. You'll still be able to get a bit of nectar of the gods in you and be pumped 4 da show. Cheers Ben :D
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    Posted in Upcoming Events but here you go!! Main Room Ian Guthrie 12:30-2:15 Ben Murko 2:15-4:00 Tiefschwarz(Basti) 4:00-6:30 Kenny Glasgow 6:30 to close Redux Lounge Jeremy Jive 11pm-1 Mike Gleeson 1-2:30 Mat Lunnen 2:30-4 Mike D 4 to close Set times in the lounge may be a...
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    On a good note, I spoke to Carey about having two bar hands working that night so hopefully it won't be the mess like it was at Kaskade. B;)
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    Check for interviews this week in Now and Eye. Plus my favorite writer Amanda will have an interview in an upcoming issue of Klublife!!!. Cheers Ben
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    E-Flyer is up, check it out in Upcoming events!!!. If anybody need reduced list check it out. Cheers Ben I've been trying to work this party for so long and to see it finnally happen is so exciting. I hope everybody enjoys them selves that night. Booze, Beats and Boa-such a good...
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    Arthur Baker @ Mod CLub

    My .02 Cents Didn't go but from the sounds of it a few people with good taste in music(I.M.O.) weren't that impressed. I'm all for playing varied styles while rockin the party. Not sure if anybody here remebers when Mix Master Morris came to T.O. 5 to7 yrs ago(I think it was something...
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    last night a disco ball fell on my head..

    Yes congrats on the new pad and fantastic house warming-Appreciate the invite. I'd expect nothing less from somebody I know as the YoYo champion of my junior high!!(was that hitting below the belt?). Anyway, it was a night of good people, awesome music and foamy beer-the perfect combo in my...
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    Misstress B @ system

    Greg is the man!!!, nuff said. Ben
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    TO Techno @ Boa

    Well as Ian stated a lot of friends of ours that would normally be in attendance didn't make it out because of the 2 the beat-2yrs Ann. Congrat's Brian on 2 great years-hopefully there will be manny more, you deserve it man!!!. As Ian was finnishing up Kriss showed up with a pile of sexy...
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    Hustlin 1 Year Anniversary @ 99

    Congrat's on the one year Mat!!!, Wish I could have been there but at least I got a chance to say Hello in the Hammer. Cheers Ben