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    Jeff Mills at Boa

    Re: in the first place: everyone else is afraid to play Boa because the people at Comfort Zone, System and Guv have theatened to never book them again... in short, they're a bunch of pussies. as for Mills... he ripped it! not sure if it was better then his set at Turbo a few years...
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    Element Wed?

    is nobody going this week? Well I for one will be there. It's been a few weeks and I need my fix.
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    FS: 1990 CRX Si

    Just out of curiousity, why is it $1500 more to have it certified and emissions tested? getting a car certified is about $110 and emissions test is about $30.
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    Dj Dan - March 20th - SYSTEM

    As much as I love DJ Dan, he's here fairly often and that also happens to be the night Jeff Mills is in town. hmm
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    Robbie Rivera - Feb 28th

    @ Palazzo! :eek: what up with that?
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    J-Mat & Hatiras @ Element

    best night out I've had in ages! every DJ was off the hook.
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    Fs: Jbl Powered Monitor

    it's going to cost a lot more then 175 to get that re-coned.
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    Reckless Girl playing her first radio show

    That site is the worst! Were the guys that run it too cheap to actually pay for a good designer or what?
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    wmc 2004 listings...

    ya I'd like to see underworld... and shamen would be a triip... but $289.. i dunno... a little steep for me :p
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    **J-MAT @ ELEMENT WEDNESDAY FEB 4TH!!! (w/hatiras and evan g)**

    I wouldn't miss this for the world. Hatiras was incredible last time he played.
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    Saeed & Palash w/ Oscar G @ BR

    I heard that most local DJs won't play there because they've been told by other clubs that if they play at Boa they won't book them anymore.
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    Looking for a woman...

    someone needs to get laid. if you're that desperate why don't you just get a hooker.
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    Sander K @ Boa Redux

    the washrooms downstairs had running water. It looked like the sinks just hadn't been installed in the other washrooms yet.
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    Do you like to talk dirty?

    SEX, TOOLS & CHOCOLATE This new half-hour show on the Life Network called, "Sex, Tools & Chocolate" is currently looking for fun, attractive, unmarried, chatty men and women between the ages of 25-35 - older or younger if you look like you fit into the range, who aren't shy to talk about sex...
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    *Donald Glaude @ System on Dec 12th!!!*

    ya I would have liked to have seen Jelo in there to. what's up with that?
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    dec 3rd - element - jelo & the marlon jacksons

    I'll be there. unless someone steals my bike.
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    Re: Activate wed oct 15th

    wicked tunes from start to finish and lots of booze in the middle :) couldn't have asked for a better night.
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    Well I had a great time, and it looked like everyone else in there was too. It’s true Mark Oliver didn’t play the killer electro set I was expecting, but in my opinion he was still pretty good. Nick Theos was real good too, but then again I’m not a hardcore electro freak, so who cares what...