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    Breakfest @ ElMo a.k.a. Sketchy Bathroom

    FINALLY! Wow, it's takin' me lomng to reply to this post....but I want to say my thing anyways.....Breakfest was Awesome like usual! I wouldn't have expected anything less! Wicked music 'n it was so good to see everyone I haven't seen in so long! Loved having RaFunk 'n Phat Trick open...
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    big titties, barely 18

    Caz I haven't talked to you in sooooo long? How are ya baby?? PM me or e-mail me....
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    Focus w/ Krafty Kuts

    DJ LOVE was Amazing like usual! He makes me move like no other!! Krafty was great too!! Awesome party, I had a Wicked time!!!
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    who's who in the breaks room

    Mmmmmm SAUSAGE!!!
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    WOMP was the best shit ever!

    SOOOO GLAD I WENT!! I haven't gone out in so long 'n this definitely made me feel Awesome! Thanx Wes for giving us the Beauty of breaks! So many people too! Wow---a line outside the Lab?.. And again, thanx Wes for the bump to the front! he he! You're Wicked! Dylan--The Phat Conductor--you were...
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    Goodbye Slime

    I've had a lotta fun Wednesdays at Slime...including my Birthday! Sooooo much fun!!...Bye Bye Slimey-Slime!
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    BREAKFEST!!! ~ Sunday June 30th

    Digby Fox was also an Amazing DJ to have at the party! Such an Awesome set! It was super cool to have Chu, Kick 'n Meric playin' to set the old skool Breakfest vibe!!!!
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    BREAKFEST!!! ~ Sunday June 30th

    Holy shit! Such a Wicked party!! I had such an Awesome time! I think everyone who was there will have to agree with me when I say it's Great to have Breakfest back!!! DJ Love was sooooo Amazing!!!! I'm sooo in love! I couldn't breathe through his whole set! So orgasmic!!!! he he!!! Love Love...
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    Freestylers update

    ha ha! Pat got pictured again!! :D ha ha! Nice one! I agree in what Patrick was saying anyways.......breaks are breaks...I love it all!
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    New MP3 Set Uploaded - June 2002

    Willar, I love the Puretone trak, Addicted to Base!! Thanx!!!
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    Freestylers update

    New Funky Tunes! Soooooo Exciting!! Anything the Freestylers do is good....I guess it was just time for some change...change is good.
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    EYE DJ Poll

    Congrats guyz! You guyz are Awesome! Wooohooooo!! :eek:
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    Break dancers and Food?

    Strawberries, oranges, starfruit!!! :eek:
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    Caution...this Post Should Be In The General Forum

    Bobby I agree with you 100%!! Smoking is sooooo fucking disgusting 'n we are just supporting these cigaretty companies by going to these sponsered parties! Such a good post....I'm glad some people still have brains 'n know how to use them!!
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    Break dancers and Food?

    fruit is definitely a good call! it's soooo refreshing when you've been dancing all night!!! I love breakdancers, but the lab has no room for anyone to stand, nevermind breakers! hmmmm......it's worth a try though......
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    Tribe party

    I really wish I could've come! I really wanted to, but decided last minute not to.....bad decision.....sounds like it was a definite good time! Happy Birthday Alexd!!!
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    wow Patrick, that was an intense little post! So much info my brain hurts!!!
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    Pre-Patio Party@ LIMELIGHT this Wednesday

    I agree....so true! You can't have two nicknames 'n want to be taken seriously....that's fake.....one nick, one love! So good!!
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    Tribe is boring

    I'm outta here...this is fucking dumb.....
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    Tribe is boring

    Fuck me?....oh my gawd.....