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    House Music Podcasts/Regular scheduled mix shows?

    Defected podcast will basically give you the run down on what stage house music is at right now.
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    top 40 deep house tracks of all time

    if you look at the label on the record for things like FCL Let's Go it says in the credits 'Recorded in a very amteurish "that's what house is all about" - way @ studio 55' and that pretty much sums up why Dubstep and DnB are shockingly bad and why deep house is huge now and will be for years...
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    top 40 deep house tracks of all time

    I'd say Nervous and Lil Louie are more garage and jazz/funky house I hate all the names though, just drop whatever works into a set. THat Jazzanova tune what got remixed by Cajmere I think is getting played a lot too.
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    top 40 deep house tracks of all time

    love deep house especially this new garage/acid house/detroit inspired stuff from Disclosure Duke Dumont and the likes Depends where you want to draw the line, I mean Raze Break 4 Love is what I would call deep house but some people may have it other things. What about Dionne Come Get My Lovin...
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    Back to 95 Jungle part 2 and 3

    nice and short 30 min mixes mixed to absolute perfection ya know one track ends, teh other kicks in proper mixing peace
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    Back to 95 Jungle part 2 and 3

    this is heavy jungle, there's no Pendulum or Kylie Minogue in this ok. Back to '95 Jungle part 2 by LunaVC on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free missing - the box re-opens urban shakedown - some justice 95 (remix) neuromancer - pennywise prizna feat...
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    LunaVC's "True Electro Sounds of North Woolwich" mix

    LunaVC - True Electro Sounds of North Woolwich 28 August 2010 - SoundCloud Nice little contemporary mix I did today. You gotta check those Surkin tunes, put up all the decent mixes, fu<i></i>cked the Laidback Luke one off. Gotta love that Mars joint. That was getting cained from our pickup...
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    How I Met Your Mother is the only one I can stand at the moment. Maybe Big Bang Theory.
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    Shambhala 2010 rideshare from Alberta (Edmonton)

    Yeah I tried that man. There's a couple of people on there that have given me the run around. Thought I'd try here instead.
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    Shambhala 2010 rideshare from Alberta (Edmonton)

    Anybody going to this and have a spot on a rideshare? I already have a ticket but have been let down massively by a few people. Otherwise I may have a ticket up for grabs a few days before the festival, but I would really like to go. I'm not sure if this is in the right forum or what, or...
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    Shed Design

    Really not feelin tha heat from erika yo
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    Shed Design

    Pod-Shed click here and add some nice comments about my Shed Design if you want. Thanks PS didn't know where else to stick this, so didn't mean to clog the board
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    The what are you reading thread?

    just picked up this
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    Grime vs Hip Hop

    lovin the KRS One references in this thread it's like going to hip hop school
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    World Cup 2010.

    The way Messi has been playing (against Arsenal and then Real Madrid at the weekend) it would be wrong to write off the Argies. Messi can win games on his own. The boy is class. Saying that, so can Ronaldo, they won't win the WC but they could cause an upset to another great team.
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    Grime vs Hip Hop

    In my opinion grime mcs are nothing compared to us rappers grime mcs have better flow but that don't have rhymes andtheyre not saying much there is no message, skinyman is a good mc as is mc vapour I like the fact that grime is not all boing boing but a bit more grounded the whole culture...
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    Grime vs Hip Hop

    Just been listening to that Wu Tang album with the Dubstep production and I have to say, it's piss poor. But I wanted to know what people prefer, Grime or Hip Hop? Personally (and I'm from the UK) I don't think Grime is very good, the rapping is really bad, the beats are good tho. And...
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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    Gerrard's elbow on Michael Brown was a disgrace are there literally no gentleman left in the England team now? doesn't seem that way
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    The old tunes thread

    need to check out theat Lightnin and Tunder joint yeah also Pure - Anything test can't be arsed to embed
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    Baseball leagues in summer - downtown

    craigslist or kijiji right?