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    sample i.d. --- oizo & uffie "first love"

    sorry angela winbush is not the intro part
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    sample i.d. --- oizo & uffie "first love"

    angela winbush -my first love
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    Tremblant or Mont Saint Anne??

    how many runs will be open the first week of operation????
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    Tremblant or Mont Saint Anne??

    I have never been to either, and the GF and I want to go in the next few weeks. any feedback??? MSA= $276 2 nights and 2 days lifts Tremblant $450 2 night and 2 day lifts
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    company perks.

    free banking, good discounts on my mortgage, 30% of car insurance, free blackberry, etc. usual bank perks
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    M.I.A blew out my ear drums

    everyone except M.I.A. and the Dj before her (Hudson Mowake) sucked. And honestly I can barely hear today. That was the worst sound engineering EVER!!!!!! I actaually had to take refuge and the back just to feel relief. Maybe I am old.....I was impressed with the no line up situation though
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    Switch @ Mod Club

    are they selling tickets at the door?
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    how to save dj mixes???

    thanks for the advice. i actually just have to press cntrl and the scroll pad on my laptop. yhen it gives me the option to download the file rather than just clicking on the link to listen. i feel like an idiot.
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    Gold Teeth

    does anyone know where i can get one gold cap made?
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    how to save dj mixes???

    So i just downloaded a dj mix, and i am trying to move it to itunes, and when it gets there it reads 0 seconds. i use mac and safari and when i downloaded the mix a second safari window opened and downloaded the mix. so then i went to file, and save as and saved it to my desktop. then i dragged...
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    Ghetto gold needed...

    update. found some gold, and a vaurnet france track suit with matching fanny pack. gold bless neon pink, yellow and green.
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    Ghetto gold needed...

    me and my friends are going to a ol' skool hip hop themed party, and we want to find costume or fake gold rope chains like run dmc, and big daddy kane rocked. anyone know a ghetto jewellery stand or store that sells fake rope chains?
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    Buying Coffee in T.O.

    i second moonbeam and the everyday gourmet. both are really good
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    Your Last Meal

    - case of stella -72oz porter house topped medium rare topped with 1lb bacon and 1lb king crab meat - pot of kona coffee
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    Kona Coffee?

    just got back from kensington, got some at moonbeam. I grinded, frenched pressed and sipped. THIS IS THE BEST F'ING COFFEE I HAVE EVER TASTED. worth every penny $32.95 a pound